Burglars Ransack Celebrity’s Home In Broad Daylight

The recent string of home robberies in Beverly Hills this year is likely due to the LA DA’s soft-on-crime policies, as over the weekend another group of robbers ransacked Hrush Achemyan’s home.

Thankfully video surveillance devices caught the robbers before they took off, where two men wearing masks can be seen in the collected footage. The men were able to get their hands on jewelry, handbags, irreplaceable collectible items, weapons, as well as family heirlooms.

Achemyan is well-known for the make-up artistry on famous celebrities like the Kardashians.

On her Instagram page, Achemyan posted about the NBC4 report on the incident and added her own thoughts.

Apparently Achemyan called the police from a neighbor’s home, however by the time authorities had arrived the thieves were gone.

The make-up artist noted how the robbers took away a lot of prized possessions and believes they were in her home for more than two hours.

According to reports, the robbers broke into the home through the back door and were able to maintain communication between one another through blue tooth ear pieces.

Achemyan, an immigrant from Yerevan, Armenia, told NBC News through tears:

“My grandma’s watch was there and to me that’s irreplaceable and my other grandma’s wedding ring,” said Achemyan.

Apparently before the theft even occurred, the surveillance camera captured a woman ringing the doorbell, whom is believed to also be involved with the crime.

Anyone with information is urged to call the LAPD’s west division.

Currently, Achemyan is providing a $10k reward for anyone that can provide details on the suspects.

Watch the video report here: NBC/Video

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, NBC/Video


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