Andrew Cuomo Grants Clemency to a MURDERER Before Leaving Office

Andrew Cuomo has given New York one final parting gift with his decision to grant clemency to a member of a communist terrorist organization who participated in multiple murders. David Gilbert was a member of the Weather Underground, a group which is best known for widespread attempts to kill people with homemade bombs. Gilbert participated in an armed robbery with the group that left three men dead in 1981.

Cuomo grants clemency to convicted murderer

Having finally been exposed for his own repulsive behavior, Cuomo evidently decided that the best way to say goodbye to the people of New York would be to free a convicted murderer.

David Gilbert ‘s 75 year sentence was reduced to the 40 years he has already served by Cuomo, meaning that Gilbert is now eligible to appear before a parole board.

Gilbert, according to the governor, has shown “remorse, rehabilitation,” and commitment to his community. This evaluation was, of course, made by a serial harasser who has routinely abused his subordinates.

The Weather Underground was a small group of generally wealthy and entitled communists from college and university backgrounds which emerged during the 1960s.

The goal of the group was to bring about a communist revolution which would destroy the United States. Gilbert and his colleagues were happy to murder innocent people to achieve this delusional objective.

Fortunately, the Weather Underground was too incompetent to do too much damage; the most lethal bombing occurred when the several of the morons blew themselves up with their own explosives while planning a terrorist attack.


Communist terrorist to be freed

David Gilbert was unfortunately elsewhere at the time and survived to serve as an accomplice in a robbery attempt in 1981 which was coordinated with other left wing terrorists.

Three innocent men were killed during the robbery attempt and Brinks was quickly apprehended and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

Still an unrepentant communist, the now 76-year-old Gilbert may still have hopes to bring about his revolution by murdering more innocents.

Perhaps the release of this villainous character is a final act of revenge for Andrew Cuomo, punishing the people of the state which dared to make him face the consequences of his depraved actions.

Old comrades of Gilbert are still wealthy and connected in spite of their terrorist backgrounds. His son Chesa Boudin is now a District Attorney in San Francisco, a city which has been notoriously unwilling to punish criminals of late.

Chesa Boudin took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the potential release of his murderous father by Cuomo. New Yorkers can only hope that the parole board which hears his case is not so soft on crime.

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