The Cuomo Brothers are Getting Exposed; Their End is Near

Both Cuomo brothers may be facing a shared downfall in the scandal which has erupted around New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Now it is becoming clear that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has been heavily involved in advising his brother throughout the course of the scandal, a violation of ethics in journalism which even CNN can hardly ignore. Both Cuomo brothers are desperately attempting to defend themselves still.

Both Cuomo brothers implicated

Andrew Cuomo has become a pariah among his fellow Democrats, with even President Biden joining in calls for his immediate resignation.

The governor has been the subject of an extensive investigation by the New York state Attorney General, who has released a report which details a long list of damaging and credible accusations.

Andrew Cuomo is accused of consistently engaging in sexual harassment, physical and verbal, with staffers and other employees. The investigation concluded that he has clearly violated both state and federal law.

Despite his own refusal to resign it is clear that his days in politics are numbered. Other Democrats have widely condemned him and New York legislators are prepared to remove him by impeachment if necessary.

It has been a swift fall for a governor who was previously high on the list of presidential hopefuls for the 2024 Democratic nomination should Biden not seek reelection.

The downfall of Governor Cuomo is certain to bring down a number of other public figures who participated in the extensive and ongoing attempts to cover-up his deeds.

CNN drawn into scandal

The most prominent of these enablers is brother Chris Cuomo of CNN. Unsurprisingly it is becoming clear that the CNN anchor has been heavily invested in protecting his brother.

Emails between Chris and members of his brother’s staff reveal that he was personally working on behalf of the New York Governor, despite his claims of objectivity.

Cuomo even wrote an entire statement for his brother to read which denied and downplayed sexual harassment allegations as having been misinterpretations of playful jokes.

Beyond the obvious problems of a powerful media figure working to shield his powerful brother from scrutiny the communication reveals that Chris at the very least does not believe that sexual harassment is not worth punishing.

Beyond this, information which should not have been shared with individuals who were not state employees was sent to Chris and other allies of the governor.

The downfall of Andrew Cuomo is almost inevitable at this point. The fate of Chris will largely depend on what CNN decides, though his future does not look particularly promising at the moment.

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