10 Democrat Judges Lost Primary Elections and It’s Just the Beginning

This report makes it sound like people can’t absorb too many options. The Democrat judges are being judged as being soft on crime. If you set bail too low you’re letting criminals out easier. The general public doesn’t want criminals among them so if people have the option, that person will be voted out. Texas is among the states more likely to vote to be tough on crime because crime hurts everybody.

Ten Democrat judges

Need to find another job next year in Harris County, Texas. Chuck Silverman, Abigail Anastasio, Amy Martin and Greg Glass are all out.

In September 2021 Glass lowered bail on a cop killer. Houston policeman William Jeffrey was killed while serving a narcotics warrant on a suspect.

Judges need to be tough on crime

Mark Jones is a political science professor at Rice University. “This kind of, in some ways, taints all of the sitting judges, so by being an incumbent judge, there is a belief among a subset of Democratic primary voters that that person is lax on crime.” If bail is consistently kept low for criminals, then yes, the shoe fits.

So Democrats are considered “fair” just by virtue of their party. Jason Luong is in the 185th District and faces Harris county prosecutor Andrea Beall. Beall outpaced him by double digits, 13%.

Democrat judges are supposedly fair

Jones elaborated, “Most of these challengers are current or former prosecutors. They can signal, ‘I am going to be tougher on crime,’ while being fair in the sense of they are still Democrats. And, instead of giving low bond to everybody, giving low bond to non-violent offenders but rationing up bonds for the violent offenders.”

Six other Democrat judges will be job hunting next year. Two of them were in family court, Tristan Longino and Barbara Stalder. Scot Dollinger, Franklin Bynum, and David Singer were also unseated.

Dumbed down

But only to a point. People who have been affected by crime will pay more attention to what judges are doing.

The political science professor said people would pick more women, that Democrats would likely win and the public can’t possibly know all the candidates. “In a low information race, when you have a woman running against a man in the Democratic primary, odds are the woman is going to win because there are significantly more women who participate in the Harris County Democratic primary. When they get to a race and they don’t know anything about the candidates, they tend to vote based off gender.”

Some judges ran unopposed

Desean Jones, Danilo Lacayo, Brian Warren, Josh Hill and Lori Chambers Gray were unopposed. Frank Aguilar, Chris Morton and Hilary Unger beat their challengers.

Jones continued, “It’s an educated and relatively informed group (of voters in the primary), but really no one can be informed about all of the judges we have on our Harris County ballot. It’s possible that a few of the more lenient Democratic judges do get some blow back via campaign by Republicans reaching out to Democrats, but by in large, when people get to this part of the ballot, unless someone has done something pretty egregious to rise to that level of public attention, in November they are either going to check the D or the R. They aren’t going to check the name.”

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