Trump Wednesday Indictment Canceled

District Attorney Alvin Bragg canceled the planned indictment of Donald Trump. Members of the grand jury are on stand by for Thursday. A particular witness that was supposed to be there on Wednesday wasn’t available. There was no confirmation that this witness would be available Thursday either. Michael Cohen expects to be the final witness called for the prosecution. It’s all one sided.

Trump show is off for the moment

Attorney Robert Costello appeared before the Grand Jury and came away criticizing. “They seemed clearly one-sided and not after the truth. I told the grand jury that [Cohen] couldn’t tell the truth if you put a gun to his head.”

The President posted on his social media site that he expected to be arrested Tuesday. He called for protests.

The Trump charge may be old

Normally grand jury proceedings aren’t available to the public but it has been reported that the charges are due to falsifying business records. Evidence has been presented regarding a payment to Stormy Daniels.

The grand jury meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and that another witness was expected. Once that last witness has testified, prosecutors will ask for a vote as to whether to charge Trump or not. A majority of 23 jurors is needed to proceed.

A Trump indictment could be Thursday

If he’s indicted, Trump will need to travel to New York to be arraigned and processed. He currently lives in Florida. The trial wouldn’t take place for a number of months, meaning he’d be on the campaign trail when it happened.

Bragg faces nasty criticism, pursuing Trump on an old charge when his city is riddled with crime. South Caroline Senator Tim Scott was blunt,

“Here’s what we know about District Attorney Bragg. He does not want to lock anybody up as it relates to violent criminals. He’s the guy that wants no jails.  The only thing he wants to do is weaponize the law against his political enemies. President Trump is a victim of that. This is a travesty and it should not be happening, especially in the greatest country on earth.”


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