Trump Just Teased It, LOOK Whats Popping

Democrats have been showing signs of increasing desperation as the Virginia gubernatorial race continues to turn against their candidate. Now the situation may be getting even worse. Donald Trump appears to be preparing to head to Virginia to campaign for Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, cementing the apparent advantage Youngkin has gained in polls throughout October.

Trump to campaign for Youngkin

Democrat Terry McAuliffe has had abundant support from leading Democrats, with appearances from Barack Obama, Stacy Abrams, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden.

None of it appears to be helping his campaign, which has continually lost ground to Youngkin, who now seems to have a clear lead over McAuliffe.

Youngkin has mostly been clawing ahead in the race without the help of big names equivalent to those being brought in by the Democrats so far.

Now it seems that is about to change; Donald Trump has teased an upcoming appearance in Virginia to support Youngkin before election day.

A statement addressed to Virginia Republicans by the former president closed with “see you soon!” Details of the teased rally have not yet emerged.

Youngkin has largely been proud to campaign without the sort of outside help which McAuliffe has had to bring in. Now he has apparently decided that a last minute Trump rally can’t hurt.

Virginia race looks good for GOP

The Republican candidate has worked hard to construct a campaign which is focused on Virginians and their concerns, in opposition to efforts by his opponents to frame the race in terms of national politics.

It appears to have been a resounding success for Youngkin so far. Polls only a few weeks ago unanimously had McAuliffe in the lead.

The most recent polls show a strong shift to Youngkin, who now leads by a significant margin among likely voters in Virginia.

Parents are driving much of that swing to Youngkin; if the Republican wins it will be thanks to the outraged mothers and fathers of Virginia, whose anger and concern Democrats have been quick to dismiss.

The Loudon County sexual assault scandal has galvanized support for Youngkin, who has seized the opportunity to force McAuliffe onto the defensive.

If Trump keeps the focus of his rally on the public school battles taking place in Virginia then his appearance might be just what Youngkin needs to cement his lead over McAuliffe.

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