This Cringe-Worthy Beto Video Will Leave You Creeped Out..

In real life, Beto already looks like someone I would shield my kids from.

But I have to admit, he went Pennywise weird in this one.

Whoever Beto’s digital manager is, well, he or she needs to be fired.

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

There is nothing better than an aging white dude with no rhythm playing on a social media outlet meant for kids, right?

I have no idea what this big rush by Democrats to TikTok is, but hey, more power to them.

Anyway, Beto’s video starts out kind of okay, with a young lady doing a dance move to promote Beto and women’s rights.

Nothing crazy, then Pennywise comes out…

Yeah, I am not voting for that dude in any century.

As a matter of fact, I had to take a shower after I watched it.

Source: Daily Caller

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