John Solomon Drops HUGE Announcement About the Durham Case

John Solomon Drops HUGE Announcement About the Durham Case

In an interview on Fox News, John Solomon announced a huge break in the Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Solomon, who is the current Editor-in-Chief of Just the News, discussed the progress of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

The Interview

Solomon began the interview by revealing that a key player in the Russia Collusion Hoax has started cooperating in the investigation.

“A former member of the Comey-McCabe inner circle, one of the senior FBI executives — I don’t know which one yet — but one of them has begun cooperating. And that’s opened up a tremendous amount of internal knowledge — being able to describe the nuances of evidence — very big breakthrough for John Durham,” he said.


Responding to Solomon, Bartiromo asked: “So what about that? We had John Ratcliffe on the show earlier, and he said ‘Look, I met with John Durham a year ago — with Bill Barr as well — and we all agree, together, that there was absolutely no reason to start an investigation of collusion into Trump’s people, there was no predicate.'”

“That’s absolutely true. In fact, many of the experts I’ve had look at it have come to that conclusion after they read all the documents. So if you open a false investigation and you sustain it with false evidence, does that amount to a crime? That’s the question that John Durham is trying to answer,” Solomon replied.

The answer to that question should be obvious. Opening a false investigation in itself is a crime, and so is using evidence that you know is false. Putting those two together should be a one-way ticket to jail, but the rules for federal bureaucrats seem to be different than the rules for the average American.

“Will there be jail time? Are we going to see indictments? I mean, it’s been five years since this storyline was first leaked out,” Bartiromo asked.

“Some of the witnesses that I’ve talked to, and their defense lawyers, feel like John Durham is getting ready to pull the trigger on some criminal charges. Again, he has to get permission from the Biden Justice Department — we’ll have to see if that happens. But all the signs are that they’re moving towards criminal charges,” Solomon responded.

If Durham is given permission to move forward by the Biden DOJ, Solomon said that he believes criminal charges could be coming out in the next six to eight weeks.

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