Fake Poll Gives Biden Unbelievable Approval Rating…Similar to His ‘Presidency’

There’s a lot of “fake” involving Biden. The CDC can put up fake numbers, so can pollsters. In fact, remember when Hillary was told she’d “win by a landslide” and very much didn’t? Pollsters suddenly had their very industry questioned so they backpedaled to stay alive. Polls will tell you what you want to hear. If you need to an opinion pushed in one direction or another, you can make up numbers or frame the questions differently.

Fake Presidency

Biden is being propped up by an administration that thinks nothing of threatening anybody that tries to enforce the nation’s laws. Democrats are picking and choosing which laws to enforce. If laws aren’t enforced the same way across the board, they mean nothing.

That $1.9 trillion stimulus will bail out Democrat states that were torn apart during the ANTIFA and BLM rioting this past summer. Pelosi probably promised that.

Fake news

Trump coined the term well. The Associated Press did a poll that showed 60% of Americans approve of Biden. Even more amazing is 70% approve of the work he’s doing with vaccination.

That 60% might be Democrats, but that’s a pretty big might. There are people out there that are just happy there’s a “D” in the White House and that he’s being “nice” online. That’s it.

Fake numbers

According to the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs research, 44% of Republicans approve of the way Biden is handling the virus. The AP knows this is fake, just like the Biden administration is.

Republicans have been “spinning their wheels” because they aren’t even allowed to participate. The stimulus was passed with a simple majority. They weren’t allowed to vote. Historically, one party rule doesn’t work. If you can find history books relating to that subject, read up on it. Because you won’t be able to trust the internet for research like that.

For conservatives, there aren’t a lot of trustworthy news sites. This includes Fox. If your news organization has a conservative slant you can bet trolls, bots and other malicious entities are fighting to take it down. Mocking Fox does nothing. Conservatives know Fox isn’t trustworthy either. So much fake.

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