Immigrants Say Biden Told Them to Come

Those working the border shared the devastating impact immigrants are having on local communities. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb testified Tuesday in a Homeland Security hearing about that area. Among other atrocities, illegal aliens are being abused, raped and captured by human traffickers. Property destruction and littering add to the chaos that home and business owners need to deal with.

Immigrants going where they’re invited

Lamb says Biden could put a stop to this but he won’t.

“When we ask people why they came here, they said, ‘Because Joe Biden said we could.’ And this is the reality of what we deal with every day. So clearly, the policies that have been — whether you call them open borders or not — they are affecting people coming here, and the cartels are taking advantage and marketing to people in other countries to come.”

Our policies have encouraged abuse. “We, and by default, our lack of policies or weak border security is actually bringing those people to the doorsteps of the cartels to be enslaved, to be taken advantage of.”

Immigrants being used as pawns

Lamb continued,

“The people are being tricked and trapped into coming here by these cartels because of our policies, or lack of. When they come here, the women are being raped. We had a woman we caught a while back that had a baggie full of pills. And we said, ‘What are these pills?’ And she said, ‘When I came across the border, I knew I’d be raped multiple times. These are morning-after pills.’ Have we lost our moral compass so bad that we put politics in front of people? They’re raping the women … raping the children, using them as pawns, oftentimes putting them into the sex trade here in America. Slavery is … super-prolific nowadays.”

Lamb said immigrants will go nationwide. “What we miss, unfortunately, has a ripple effect on the rest of the country. These things were not designed to stay in my county. They only pass through on their way into North Carolina, New York, Alabama and every other state in this country. What is in my backyard today will be in all of your front yards tomorrow.”

We’re being told the border is fine

Border officials see what the press will not report. It’s frustrating that the statistics tell the truth while the President lies.

Lamb lamented, “Our biggest frustration stems from being told by this Administration and the Media that there is not a crisis at our southern border, and the lie that our southern border is secure. Clearly, our statistics tell a different story. And that story is that the border is not secure.”

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