Biden Just Killed Dozens Of Innocents

In response to a terrorist attack in Kabul which killed soldiers and innocents alike, President Joe Biden launched a drone strike which murdered an entire family of innocent civilians. The strike was supposedly meant to prevent another ISIS-K attack on the airport following the devastating first bombing. Whether or not an attack was actually prevented is unclear but it is certain that the strike killed a number of children.

A parting gift from Joe Biden

In hindsight it should be easy to understand why normal Afghans would be willing to passively accept a Taliban takeover after decades of war.

Through all of the conflicts in Afghanistan over the last half century innocent civilians have always suffered the most. It is no wonder that these people are so tired of fighting.

As if to confirm all of their weariness of foreign intervention, President Biden has now given the people of Afghanistan one last parting gift to remember us by.

The Pentagon claimed that the drone strike in Kabul was meant to eliminate a potential car bomb. Spokesmen lauded the strike as a vindication for Biden Administration claims about the ability of the United States to prevent terrorism in Afghanistan in the future.

Amid such a catastrophic mismanagement in Afghanistan the White House is happy to latch onto any remotely positive developments. They may have latched onto this one too soon.

The forceful response to the killing of innocents which was promised after the airport attack involved the killing of more innocent civilians to deal with a suspected threat.

Drone strike kills innocent children

The drone strike took place in a residential neighborhood in the crowded city of Kabul. Nine members of a single family were killed, including six young children. One witness claimed that there may have been as many as 20 civilian deaths.

The family were apparently in their home, which was reportedly demolished by the strike. Neighbors who rushed to help stated of the parents and children that “They were in pieces.”

Whether or not the strike was justified depends on how willing one is to trust the Biden Administration. The Pentagon claims that there was an imminent threat which has been eliminated.

This should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt; Biden and his people are in desperate need of victories in the Afghanistan debacle and if a mistake was made it is doubtful that anyone from this administration would ever admit it.

Even if there was a terrorist threat which was eliminated, it is worth asking if there was any alternative response which did not involve indiscriminately blowing up innocent children. Like Obama, Biden does not seem to be too concerned about civilian casualties resulting from his drone strikes.

The twenty year occupation of Afghanistan was designed to convince Afghans that the United States cares about securing their rights and freedoms; the Biden Administration is bringing it to a close by bombing innocents in their homes to compensate for its own failures.

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