Biden MUST Resign Immediately

Biden is just a protected place holder. The only way he resigns is if there’s a deal cut since this is all planned. The President is supposed to look out for the citizens of the United States. Biden says one thing to the camera and does something else behind closed doors. If you’re not going to protect United States citizens as you swore to do, you need to resign the office. A person that is willing should replace him.

Biden unfit for the job

Americans knew this before he was elected but Pelosi didn’t care. She needed somebody with a “D” in the White House. She refused to speak with Trump after a couple years.

Multiple people have called for Biden to resign but it maybe all talk, nothing can be done about it until Pelosi sees it’s time to use the 25th Amendment on him. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) called again for him to resign. First the Afghanistan withdrawal, then a confirmed explosion at the Kabul airport. How many more Americans will die because of the shell in office?

Americans need to be protected

There are some places on earth that are hostile to Americans. This is one of them. Rep. Donalds emphasized in a tweet, “Earlier this week, I too called on the President of the United States to resign immediately following his haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has abdicated his responsibility and duties entrusted to him as POTUS, and he must RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) has also twice called for Biden to step down. She tweeted, “Now the Pentagon is confirming a number of US & civilian casualties. I urge my colleagues to join me in calling for the resignation or impeachment of Joe Biden.”

Biden and the Democrats don’t care

about American safety around the globe. Otherwise, the withdrawal Trump had in place might have been adhered to. Democrats have said they’re just completing a deal Trump set up. There’s an important detail being left out: the other side didn’t follow through so Trump dropped the deal.

Rep. Donalds continued. “This botched withdrawal is currently threatening the lives of our servicemen and women, the stability in the region, and our integrity on the global stage. As Commander-in-Chief, [Joe] Biden is directly responsible for commanding our brave troops with a coherent, strategically intelligent, and sound operation that keeps our Armed Services, citizens, and allied partners out of harm’s way. He has failed on all fronts.”

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