Trump Stunned… His Candidate Getting CRUSHED

Forget about Maryland…

That is the message I am sending out to Republicans hoping to hold the state.

Simply put… Trump made a bad choice.

Getting Blown Out

There is simply no way anyone associated with MAGA would ever win anything in Maryland.

The state is a notoriously moderate state with a definitive lean to progressives.

Yet, Trump endorsed Dan Cox, who won the GOP nomination.

Cox is very open that he believes the 2020 election was stolen and he is very much a MAGA candidate, which is why he is down 22 points in recent polling to his Democrat opponent.

This was a state that Trump should have stayed out of, period.

He should have let this race play out on its own, including in the general election, as any endorsement by him would be seen as the kiss of death.

Trump cannot afford these types of losses in these general election races because it gives Democrats considerable ammunition to use against him.

Having said that, these races are the ones we need to watch during the 2022 election.

If you want to get a reasonable idea if Trump can win if he runs in 2024, watch and see how his Senate and gubernatorial candidates do in battleground states.

How those races pan out will dictate if Trump can pull that state’s electoral votes.

That should be the deciding factor if Trump runs.

Remember, this upcoming presidential election is not about supporting Trump or not supporting Trump… it is about one thing and one thing only.

Putting a MAGA candidate on the ballot that can defeat any candidate the Democrats throw at us.

That is the only concern conservatives should have when they head to the polls for the 2024 primary.

Source: The Hill

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