Megan Kelly Unloads on CNNs Jeffrey Toobin

Megyn Kelly recently joined the rest of America in questioning why CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin still has his job after exposing himself on camera during a Zoom call with colleagues last year. Kelly discussed the incident on her podcast with a guest who argued that Toobin deserves to keep his job. Toobin returned to CNN as its chief legal analyst in June following an absence of only eight months which he spend “trying to be a better person.”

Toobin returns to CNN

The incident which occurred in October, 2020, would have rightfully ended most careers even for a majority of those who exist in the public sphere, like Jeffrey Toobin.

Instead, Toobin was welcomed back to CNN with open arms after only eight months of self-imposed exile from the network, which declined to fire him.

CNN evidently was perfectly willing to accept an apology which claimed that these eight months had somehow turned the legal analyst into a better person who would never think of exposing himself on a Zoom call again.

Toobin has repeatedly defended himself by pointing out that he did not believe that the camera was on at the time and that the incident was a simple mistake.

As Megyn Kelly pointed out, this ignores the question of why Toobin was doing these things on a work call in the first place, though CNN was apparently willing to completely overlook that question.

While CNN did not terminate his employment The New Yorker did. Toobin complained that he was being unfairly persecuted for a minor incident.

Disgraced analyst quietly returns

Fortunately for Jeffrey Toobin connections are more important than anything else in his line of work and Toobin has connections in abundance.

Having come from a family which is deeply enough involved in the media establishment to ensure that something like the Zoom incident could never seriously pose a permanent threat to his career.

Some voices in the media, like Malcom Gladwell, the guest who discussed the matter with Megyn Kelly, have been vocal in their support for the disgraced CNN analyst.

After less than a year spent becoming a better person and working at food banks Toobin returned to find his old job waiting for him.

CNN quietly reinstated him after the formulaic apology that is expected of any disgraced public figure who has been chosen for rehabilitation.

The network did not take a risk in restoring him to his position because he has anything particularly unique or insightful to say to anyone who still watches CNN; he just knows the right people.

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