Back to Obama Era, Reporters Required to ‘OK’ use With Biden Admin like the CCP

The Biden Administration is making extensive use of policies introduced by the Obama White House for controlling what journalists are able to report in relation to interviews with White House officials. The Biden Administration reportedly employs strict demands for “quote approval” before reporters can publish statements attributed to any member of the administration. Many publications regularly bow to these demands.

Biden White House controls reporters

The practice of quote approval means that the Biden White House is given access to any quotes being attributed to administration officials.

This implies that almost every quote with the name of a Biden official attached in any mainstream publication has been potentially edited by the White House prior to being released.

If publications acquiesce to this practice they give the Biden Administration an enormous amount of control over what can be printed regarding administration policy.

While journalists are always able to publish anonymous quotes from administration officials, attaching a name to statements from these individuals is far more impactful.

Publications are not being forced to comply with these demands from the White House, but a majority evidently do acquiesce in order to maintain their access to interviews with members of the administration.

Politico reports that many journalists are irritated with the rules and have discussed rebelling against the policy, though nothing has yet come of this.Biden

Journalists submit to administration rules

The mainstream media is forced into a difficult position by the White House quote approval policy if they hope to keep pretending to care about journalistic integrity.

Most journalists are active supporters of the Biden Administration but are simultaneously chafing under these restrictive White House rules which inhibit their ability to report.

Even the most loyal Biden supporting journalist would surely rather not be required to seek approval from the White House before publishing.

What the mainstream media will do about the situation will be largely left up to liberal journalists. Conservative reporters are generally not seeking the kind of relationships with officials which are affected by the policy.

The Biden Administration has these rules in place to control what is said in friendly media which will agree to submit to approval for quotes from the administration.

The policy shows the extent of the paranoia which is present in the White House from officials who fear that any attributed statement which they do not have strict control over, even in friendly media, could be used against them.

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