Deputy Sheriff Tragically Killed In Shootout

Tom Baker, a deputy with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department, was shot and killed and Corporal Joshua Ellison was injured during a gunfight that erupted between the police officers and two suspects at the scene of a domestic violence call.

The suspects, Ritchie Holcomb and Tyler Kelly,  “became agitated” while speaking to the reacting deputies at their riverside camper and pulled away back within. The deputies pursued them into the camper and tried to suppress the men with tasers.

At that point, one or both of the suspects started shooting at the officers. As the officers made their retreat from the camper, Deputy Baker suffered a gunshot injury to the back and Corporal Ellison sustained a gunshot injury to the leg.

“Deputy Tom Baker passed due to his injuries,” the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Both deputies were airlifted to a medical facility, Governor Jim Justice stated in a statement.

Our First Responders are heroes, they run to the fire to keep us safe and we should never forget their sacrifice. Especially in moments like these, all of us should realize the obvious — just how needed our law enforcement heroes are. We should have this exact same thought every day because all of us depend on and need these heroes every moment of every day.

Corporal Ellison got treatment for the leg injury and was at first noted as critical however has actually since been released. When the deputies returned fire, the sheriff’s department stated that Holcomb likewise passed away of injuries sustained.

The other suspect, Kelly, was apprehended and charged with murder.

Will Thompson, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia, stated:

This tragedy is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. We mourn with Deputy Baker’s loved ones, our fellow law enforcement partners, the Nicholas County community and all of West Virginia. We are resolved that Deputy Baker’s service and selfless dedication will be forever remembered.

Since June 3, the Officer Down Memorial Page has recorded 112 police line of duty deaths. Twenty-one officers were killed by shooting and another seven died in automobile attacks. Deputy Baker’s name has actually not yet been added to the list.

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