Catholic Group Drops $2M to OUST Dems

At some point, we all knew religion would come into play.

That time has come, and it is has come in a big way.

CatholicVote has dropped $2 million in ads to block Democrats who have put their faith on the back burner for power.

Remove the Trash

Believe it or not, there are a fair number of Catholics in the Democrat Party.

Not so long ago, you could hold on to the staples of your faith and your fellow party members would respect your stance.

Today, if you are not all in on abortion, you are all out of the Democrat Party.

CV President Brian Burch stated, “The Senate races are all Catholic-versus-Catholic.

“Part of this is wanting to secure parental rights over gender transitions and abortions for minors, but part is also about clearing out the trash of so-called Catholics who violate core, fundamental church teachings.”

Biden is pretty typical of what we have seen from Catholic Democrats in recent years.

Biden used to be pro-life, fully supporting the Hyde Amendment his entire career.

Now he openly advocates for killing babies.

Bishop Robert Barron stated, “What bothers me about Biden — I don’t doubt he’s a serious Catholic at all.

“And I think he does feel his faith.

“I think he practices faith, but on this issue, what he’s doing is repugnant.

“Because he’s not just barely tolerating abortion — saying let’s try to set some limits to it.

“He’s aggressively trying to expand access to it.”

This is the last thing Pelosi needed to hear in her effort to try to save the majority.

Sorry, Nancy, but all of you are going to have to go.

Source: Fox News

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