Report: Mike Pence Attempts to Gain Ground

Former Vice President Mike Pence has announced the launch of his newest political venture. Advancing American Freedom, a new conservative group, is supposedly reconciled with and dedicated to the agenda of the Trump Administration. Pence is supported in his new project by a number of former Trump Administration officials. Pence appears to be still considering a presidential run in 2024 and has been working to remain politically relevant.

Pence begins his comeback attempt

The former Vice President has been left politically homeless to an extent in the aftermath of the contested 2020 election, in which he received hostility from both parties.

Pence, already under fire from anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats, drew the ire of Trump voters when he refused to decisively support the President in his attempt to contest the election results.

Pence at the time appeared to be much more reconciled to the incoming Biden administration than President Trump.

Now, however, it seems that Pence may be attempting to work his way back into the movement which Trump created. According to the Washington Examiner, he is doing so with the approval of the former President himself.

President Trump made his dissatisfaction with Pence no secret during his final weeks in office, criticizing him repeatedly for not offering help at crucial moments.

While the former Vice President has already been working to insert himself back into the traditional establishment conservative spheres of influence, this new political group represents his most public attempt to return to Trump endorsed politics.

New group aims to win Trump voters

Advancing American Freedom, according to Pence, is to be devoted to opposing Biden policies and advocating for conservative values in both foreign and domestic policy.

The nonprofit group will likely lean heavily into the legacy of the Trump administration and the policies which it oversaw.

While Pence is now evidently reconciled with Trump and senior members of his White House staff, the reaction of the Trump base remains to be seen.

Trump voters have not reacted any more kindly to Pence than President Trump did for his apparent indecision and inaction following the election.

While his new conservative group appears to be courting the Trump base, Pence is evidently still keeping a foot in both camps of the Republican Party.

While Pence, like Nikki Haley and other prominent former Trump allies, is clearly considering a presidential run in 2024, winning the support of unhappy Republican voters may be a difficult uphill battle with the memory of 2020 still fresh.

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