BLM and Jihadists Working Together to Dismantle Your Freedoms

Black Lives Matter coming from American cities and terrorists from overseas are working in unison to eliminate American freedom and identity. While foreign extremists crush your liberties from one side, domestic extremists in the halls of power crush you from the other. The attacks are reaching a fever pitch in 2021 and nothing is sacred. For these radicals, everything that made western civilization great must be burned to the ground.

Americans under siege

In America and in every corner of the globe, Christians and white people are being relentlessly attacked for what they believe in and who they are.

The terrorist threat is nothing new, those assaults have been happening for decades. What is new is how blatantly our own governments are choosing to side with those who want to persecute and destroy us.

Government agencies and corporations alike are forcing critical race theory on their employees. Schools are teaching white children to hate themselves for the “crimes” of their ancestors. All of this is coming directly from the top.

BLM marauders are able to loot and burn private businesses and get away with it in the same way that terror suspects in the past have been able to evade police with accusations of systemic discrimination.

With governments unwilling to touch the criminals and terrorists, normal Americans naturally feel that they can only rely on themselves and their Constitutional freedoms for protection.

If BLM has their way, and it seems they always do, those vital freedoms which keep Americans safe will be threatened by the government itself.

Freedom itself targeted

The combination of the anti police agenda and the anti gun agenda is perfectly designed to turn white and Christian Americans into a population of helpless victims who can be terrorized at will.

Politicians and protestors disarm Americans and ensure that no one comes to help when they are attacked. BLM and the jihadists are then free to have their way with normal Americans.

This is the outcome many concerned citizens see as inevitable if things carry on this way for much longer.

Already those who try to stick up for themselves are attacked and targeted by the mainstream media and left wing organizations that influence the government.

It seems that everyone in power has already decided that Americans who still believe in their old values and freedoms deserve to go extinct.

Every day, more and more Americans read about dozens of new attacks on freedom and justice. With all of the radicals coming together against the same targets, how will this ever end?

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