Trump Points At the Media, What Happens Next is PRICELESS

What happens when Americans talk about what the media has done the past 6 months and it’s thrown back in the media’s face? They shut up. The news media is no longer about the news. They’re bullies. Trump is just shining the light on the cockroaches. When you start punching bullies back, they shut up. Words used are not without repercussions. Communism is only a generation away.

Trump just calls ’em

as he sees ’em. It’s good that he regularly does this. There’s been a number of times he’s pointed out the fake news and what they do. The audience at his rallies regularly boo the media.

Repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth. That’s why Trump needs to consistently talk the truth because otherwise the media controls it. The only reason the media is interested in Americans is for eyes and views. It makes them relevant again. Otherwise, there’s no reason for the media’s existence.

Trump points out why things are done

The way they’re done. Democrats will stop at nothing for power. At one point, we worked together to make America great. Now that Trump has done what he’s done, he’s upset the power apple cart. Americans were sick of the power brokers, we wanted them gone. Trump has drained the swamp as much as he can in four years.

Trump and Pence were hired to shoot straight. Give Americans the truth, we’re tough, we can take it! Americans are beyond sick of double speak and political correctness.

Trump is shining the light of day

The news media doesn’t want to talk unless it’s saying something bad about Americans. We helped put Trump in the White House so again it’s a case of hurting Trump means hurting those who support him.

Democrats don’t want to martyr Trump. He’s a businessman that still does all this for free because he loves the United States. That makes him dangerous to those who crave power. Trump was winning by a landslide when the counting was halted, 12 million more votes than 2016. Democrats lost the 14 seats they were supposed to gain. Americans crave the truth.

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