REPORTS: Dominion Machines Breaking Down in Several Georgia GOP Precincts; Voters Told Ballots Will be Scanned ‘Later

Any patriot watching the news is going to see the name “Dominion” and have their blood run cold. After the November 3 election, trust is gone. Coincidentally, it’s only in heavily Republican areas that the machine wasn’t working right. The Democrat areas were working just fine. Sabotage! Trump did just say Democrats will stop at nothing for that power. He sees the writing on the wall.

Dominion reports called into a local radio station

John Fredricks appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room taking calls from Georgia voters. Several were unable to cast ballots in heavily Republican districts due to Dominion breaking down.

In other reports, Savannah was allowed to stop counting, ballot dumps were done at 11 pm and the Democrat areas were allowed to remain open longer than the Republican areas.

Democrats needed Dominion

Otherwise, their whole house of cards falls apart. John Fredricks tweeted, “Dominion machines in… 3 of the largest Republican precincts…are down…They are told they can’t scan their ballots because the machines don’t work…The pole workers are saying ‘When it’s fixed we’ll scan it for you’…There’s all kinds of red flags”

Gabriel Sterling said Columbia County had problems. “Some issues in Columbia Co. There was a programming error on security keys for some locations scanners & pollworker cards. Voting continues on backup emergency ballots. Newly programmed keys&cards are being taken to locations via law enforcement.”

But Dominion machines were only a problem in Republican areas

From a Conservative Karen in the area, “My family in GA trying to vote this morning. Was told that machines are “down” and he has to vote provisional. Here’s the catch: Machines are NOT down in Democrat county. Just the Repub Co. Columbia county…It’s a Republican-majority county. People forced to vote with provisional ballots and told to check online later to see if the vote was counted. Next county over is Richmond Co, a Democrat-majority county, with machines that are working just fine.”

There was even a voter that offered to help. Possibly a technician who would obviously be willing to show his credentials should an official ask, “The Dominion scanner at my polling place in Newton County is not working. I’d be happy to meet anyone there and help out any way I can.”

Keep praying, patriots. Those who can help in whatever capacity you can, please do so.

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