Homeowners Take Things Into Their Own Hands, Release Warning ‘You Loot, We Shoot’


With anarchy endorsed as free speech, Oregon homeowners have no choice except stand on their Second Amendment rights to preserve law and order “do it yourself” style. Their city and state officials have ordered the police not to interfere with looting and arson, as long as it’s committed by “peaceful” troops of the Black Lives Matter army. Okay. Since that’s the way the wind blows, “We won’t call your family. Your body will never be found!! Bang bang.”

Homeowners provide law and order the police won’t

When conservatives demand law and order, liberals scream that homeowners defending their castles are only whining about racist White privilege. City and state officials up to the Governor are behind the rioters all the way. One anarchist on twitter sums up the liberal position, complaining how they can’t “understand people who cling so hard to material things.”

To make things easy for Black Lives Matter anarchists to understand, homeowners in Portland started putting up signs warning, “You loot, we shoot.” With intentionally set arson fires burning down the state, the locals are getting desperate. Especially since they’re facing anarchy on a lawless frontier with the Marshall nowhere in sight. These pioneer style patriots aren’t playing around. “We won’t call your family. Your body will never be found!! Bang bang.”

The warnings have been popping up like mushrooms, put there by frightened homeowners, especially in the area between “Colton and Estacada.” It’s meant to alert the BLM looters that the town isn’t totally deserted, despite the flames. “Home and armed. U Loot we shoot” one sign declares. “Looters and arsonists will be SHOT” states another.

Over half a million people evacuated

With intentionally set fires blazing through the Pacific Northwest down into California, in Oregon alone, over 500,000 people, have been asked to evacuate. That’s a tenth of the population. Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts is terrified a looter might get shot. “The last thing I want to see is anything tragically happen because somebody’s overreacting to something they think is criminal and it is not.” Don’t worry, the homeowners assure. They will make sure they wait for the criminal to show their intentions by jumping a fence with bad intent before they open fire. After all, anarchy is anarchy and the cops aren’t enforcing laws on either side.

The residents are being a lot more careful about their use of force than the Antifa-inspired, George Soros funded mercenaries. Along with the signs, homeowners have banded together to set up roadblocks. “requesting identification before allowing people to enter their neighborhoods.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler handed the city over to Black Lives Matter more than 100 days ago. The police aren’t even allowed to use tear gas as riot control against children of darkness armed to the teeth with “commercial-grade fireworks, rocks, Molotov cocktails, and lasers meant to blind officers.” When the police chief countered that they need the tear gas to save lives, the Mayor doubled down, officially stating that “the Portland Police Bureau’s condemnation of the mayor’s direction” is “serious breach of protocol and an inappropriate use of City communications resources.” Homeowners, the mayor is boldly declaring, “you’re on your own.”


  1. The GOOD citizens of Oregon and All the other States and Cities that Democraps have given over to the COWARDLY THUGS and TERRORISTS RIOTING all this time should take those LIBERAL MORONS out of office drag them into the center of the city strip them down cover them liberally with hot tar and feathers then rode out of town on a rail. After they are treated thusly they should be barred from all Government offices at all levels of Government. That means any job appointed or elected. They should be stripped of all things of value and it be sold to pay for the damages they allowed to happen. They should lose all benefits their former job would have gotten them.

  2. I wouldn’t bother with warning signs. That’s just silly. Criminal acts get just punishment. Plain and simple, no white privilege and no reparations. Just simple justice.

  3. So you think I hang onto my guns, bible and material possessions too much….Jus so ya know…”Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again!” Jus sayin….I agree with Eastwood, “buzzards need to eat.” so what is done after you trespass is up for debate. Molon Labe


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