Business Owners FURIOUS With Blatant Disregard for Law and Order

Business owners in New York City are furious with the lax attitude adopted  by the city in their handling of looters and rioters.  In spite of the extremely widespread rioting which took place throughout the Summer of 2021, few of the looters have faced serious consequences, even those who were caught and charged. Fewer than 20 criminals have been convicted for minor offenses related to the Summer looting spree.

Business owners blame city leadership

Jessica Betancourt, who owns an optical store in the Bronx, appeared on Fox News to accuse New York City officials of doing nothing to protect her business and property.

Betancourt reported that she felt abandoned by the New York Police Department, which did nothing to protect her store from looters.

In spite of this, Betancourt does not blame the police for the absence of law and order. The New York business owner feels that city officials had tied the hands of police officers and prevented them from responding to lootings.

Looting and burning were ubiquitous sights in cities across America last year as police were forced to stand back before the crowds of rioters.

Even after the riots died down, however, store owners have not found much justice. The number of individuals who were even charged for the looting and destruction is still miniscule.

Fewer still have actually been convicted of anything at all; Portland, Atlanta, and other leftist cities have generally protected BLM and Antifa rioters from prosecution for their involvement.

Few arrests after 2020 riots

Business owners like Betancourt feel abandoned by the authorities and left at the mercy of a mob which has been given tacit approval to steal or destroy property without consequences.

In spite of the fact that much of the looting occurred in broad daylight and was caught on camera, authorities in cities across America have neglected to pursue suspects.

Near constant riots continue to plague Portland, which has become a haven for Antifa and other affiliated left wing radicals due to lax responses from city officials.

In New York City itself, protesters emboldened by the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial marched through the streets harassing business owners and telling them that they are unwelcome in the city.

While crime in all of these cities is rising as police are handicapped and criminals are emboldened, the case of New York City has been a particularly concerning example for many.

The city, which developed a reputation as one of the safer American cities in recent decades through a stronger focus on law and order, is now seeing rapidly rising murder rates and a general trend of lawlessness.

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