Propaganda Machine Says We Will NOT Be Going Back to Pre-Covid Status

This writing was on the wall already. Several people had already suggested not only weren’t we going back to pre-COVID status but that masks were also going to be a requirement even with a vaccination. The virus will mutate. It already has. That’s natural in order for it to survive. Dr. Scott Gottlieb said we can’t just go back, the virus is always going to be there.

Pre-COVID is like Pre-9/11

Dr. Gottlieb is on the Pfizer board. “I just think things are going to be different, just like they’re different when you go through an airport now after 9/11. I don’t think masks are going to be mandatory next fall and winter if we can get the vaccination rate up and if these new variants go away or don’t become prevalent. But I do think a lot of people will want to wear masks, and that’s OK.”

Gottlieb expressed a couple reasons behind his beliefs, one of which is many people, including health care workers, are unwilling to be vaccinated. Since the virus strains mutate, there is no universal inoculation against the seasonal flu either.

A little COVID honesty

Dr. Gottlieb backpedaled, saying it may prevent symptomatic COVID. It may not prevent catching the infection at all. “It’s going to take time to fully answer that question because we’re going to be dependent on real-world evidence, but the conventional wisdom … is that the vaccine is probably preventing some people getting infected and probably reducing likelihood of people who are infected [from transmitting] the virus. What we don’t know is the magnitude of that effect.”

Which is something much of the public already knew. If doctors that have successfully treating and even curing this have been told to “sit down and shut up”, we figured something was going on. Americans started doing their own research.

Pre COVID will be a memory

The doctor hinted at everybody needing to wear masks and stay inside for who knows how long. “If we do things right”. But you’re not going to get that out of an independent, thinking people. This is especially true if we’re talking about an illness that not only has an enormous survival rate according to our very own CDC but it’s not going away. Viruses change so they can survive.

There’s another strain of the virus in South Africa that may be resistant to all the antibodies we put out. This prompted Dr. Gottlieb to say, “We’re still going to see people who get sick. There will still be people who die of Covid next winter, but it won’t be epidemic. It will circulate. There will be outbreaks. People who are vaccinated will have substantially reduced risk of having a bad outcome.”

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