Kyle Rittenhouse, Charged With Multiple BS Charges, Pleaded NOT GUILTY

Kyle Rittenhouse, the young patriot who defended his life from an attack by Antifa-affiliated Black Lives Matter anarchists in Kenosha, Wisconsin, appeared by video link in Kenosha County Circuit Court. Hours later, officials announced that there won’t be any charges against the police officer who justifiably defended himself by shooting Jacob Blake. That was the incident blamed for sparking the Kenosha riot in the first place.

Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a murderer

At the time of the incident on August 25, Rittenhouse was 17. Today, he pleaded not guilty on charges as an adult including trumped up first-degree homicide, which most Americans are convinced is a totally BS move on the part of liberal prosecutors.

In addition to the two counts of premeditated murder, he faces one count of attempted murder as well as “recklessly endangering the safety of two other victims and possessing a weapon while under the age of 18.”

The way the prosecuting attorney sees it, Rittenhouse planned to murder Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and did. He allegedly meant to murder a third person.

His lawyer insists his actions were entirely self-defense. So what if he was armed with an AR-style rifle.

The prosecutor admitted that Rittenhouse didn’t shoot anyone until Rosenbaum tried to take his weapon away from him and it cost him his life.

The young patriot attempted to retreat, “fled from the scene and allegedly tripped and fell to the ground, at which point Huber tried to take his gun.” He was no luckier at that than Rosenbaum was. Gaige Grosskreutz gave up the attempted robbery when he was shot in the arm.

Ignored by the police

Cellphone video evidence depicts Rittenhouse walking away from the scene of the second shooting towards police vehicles while still armed and with his hands raised.

The police totally ignored him. “The police drive past him, however, and Rittenhouse would eventually return to Illinois, where he lives, before being extradited to Wisconsin after his arrest the following month.”

He had to come up with a $2 million bond before he could get out on bail, while Antifa-related anarchists get out of jail free, no matter how violent the crime.

Rittenhouse has counter-sued the city and county of Kenosha for putting him in the position of having to defend his life from lawless rioters and looters. they were “Negligent in their response to the unrest.”

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