Outraged Parents Torch Obama Over ‘Tone Deaf’ Comments

Former President Barack Obama angered Virginia parents by implying that their determination to fight back against anti-white propaganda and rape-enabling policies in public schools is somehow a nonissue which has been created as a distraction by right wing media. Obama is supporting Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in that state, who has sparked a major backlash with his support for these policies in Virginia.

Obama insults concerned parents

Obama described all of this controversy as emerging from “phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings.”

This is a favorite leftist tactic and it’s worth getting to know how they use it. Liberals always work to push progressively more extreme and repulsive narratives and doctrines on the world. Things which would have been truly shocking a decade ago become commonplace.

When they hit a wall and find that they’ve gone too far too quickly, they resort to the tactic which Obama used at the McAuliffe rally he attended in Virginia.

Act like the conservatives are the insane ones. Say either that it’s always been like this or that the whole issue is just a wild exaggeration. Say it’s all a distraction pushed by Fox News or Breitbart to keep the ratings up.

Voilà, now those angry parents are the crazy ones. The party that puts men in dresses and builds semi-religious monuments for fentanyl addicts is the serious party here.

Obama thinks that Virginians should go back to only talking about taxes and spending. That’s what “this election is all about,” not the “fake outrage” of parents whose children are being systematically abused and manipulated by the public school system.


Not a serious issue?

In actuality, this “culture war” issue is not the distraction. Everything else is a distraction when rapists are being enabled and children are being taught to hate themselves by the state.

Parents were shocked by how tone deaf (or disingenuous) Obama was during his Virginia appearance. ” To say that this is trumped-up as a political thing is laughable” said one astonished father.

If Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin wins in Virginia it will not be because he was spreading fake outrage or engaging in attention seeking antics.

If Youngkin wins it will be because he was address an issue which any sane parent with a child in a Virginia public school should be prioritizing above all others.

It is a known fact that Virginia schools are teaching anti-white Marxist doctrines and allowing sexual assaults by continuing to give “trans” students access to girl’s bathrooms even after they use this access to violently assault other students.

These are the serious political issues that parents in Virginia will remember when they vote. By laughing at their concerns Obama is only making them even more likely to vote for someone who will take their serious concerns seriously.

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