Turncoat Goes on CNN to Whine About Receiving Threats from Constituents

You can whine to your heart’s content but we know what’s going on with this infrastructure bill. Upton may be doing what he’s doing to stay in good graces with the Democrats and keep his job. But you’re not there to do that. People go to Washington and forget their constituents and we’re tired of turncoats. Election 2020 and Jan. 6 could have been much worse than it was and Democrats know it.

Don’t whine, do your job

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) received a threatening voicemail after voting with 12 other Republicans for that infrastructure package. Upton may consider a constituent threat easier to manage than Democrat threats to his family.

Upton was on CNN’s “AC360” and spoke with Anderson Cooper. He mentioned the message said, among other things, “I hope you die”.

Media will listen to a whine

Anything that implicates a conservative looking bad will get airtime. Republicans that side with the Democrats will also get airtime for a minute. But only for a minute.

The message went on to say, “I hope everybody in your f—ing family dies” and Upton was a “f—ing piece of shit traitor.” Upton thought civility has dropped badly. He noted that “we have seen civility really downslide here.” Upton, civility left a long time ago. Your whine isn’t special. Since the nation began, people have risked everything for power. He continued, “These are very disturbing, adult language. To say the least, that truly is frightening.”

Don’t whine about regular threats

That phone message wasn’t the only one and if Americans regularly see governing bodies putting our money where we don’t want it, they’ll likely continue. Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green (R-GA) is seeing more traitors to America.

She tweeted out, “Those 13 Republican traitors who voted to pass Biden’s Socialist Infrastructure bill agree with Globalist Joe that America must depend on China to drive EV’s, The unlucky 13 are China-First and America-Last. 13 American job & energy killers.” Upton was also among those Republicans that voted to impeach Trump after Jan 6. We remember. Back then he whined, “It’s absolutely bogus. You know, I was there. I watched a number of the folks walk down to the White House and then back. I have a balcony on my office. So I saw them go down. I heard the noise — the flash-bangs, I smelled some of the gas as it moved my way.”

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