Grandma Killers Disturbing Message for the Family

Oh, the entitlement. Get off the drugs and straighten your life out. Carmesia Flannigan has a record. None of this is going to look good in court. In fact, judges have been known to hold belligerent people in the court room in contempt, lock them up for a length of time. That message might need to be sent in more than one way and to more than one person. Flannigan’s mother also screamed at critics via video.

Two people have been getting the same message

For years if they both acted like this. Both mother and daughter are entitled to whatever they want, including being let off the hook again.

Flannigan was illegally street racing when her car crossed the middle line and collided head on into the car being driven by 52 year old Brandy Ballard, killing her. Flannigan then fled, knowing she was in trouble.

The offensive message

The same thing could have happened to you, Carmesia, or your mother. The 22 year old Birmingham, Alabama woman will be charged with murder, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and leaving the scene of an accident.

Flannigan posted a $175,000 bond and released the nasty video message targeting the grieving family and anybody who dared talk to her in a less than respectful way. She was belligerent, insulting, insisted she was innocent and accused the police of conspiracy. In her abusive message she even blamed the victim for her death.

The sometimes incoherent message

There are areas of the nation in which the speech might be American but the accent might be so thick that even a person of the same race and brought up in the hood might need a translation. She deleted her first rant and uploaded a longer one with both her and her mother screaming at their critics.  Ballard’s niece, Tabatha Moore, was furious, “I was so mad I cried.  It’s very frustrating. It’s humiliating.  There’s no remorse.  There’s no heart involved.  I want it stopped.  It’s just so uncalled for.  We haven’t laid (Ballard) to rest yet and we’re being harassed. Who does that to someone’s family?”

The Alabama legal system has probably seen worse but just the same, get your tranquilizer equipment out. Her whole family needs to be brought down a notch or two. There’s a child being brought up in this atmosphere. Teachers, this is one of the reasons you have trouble teaching. Flannigan’s record is now public. Just months ago she was charged with first degree domestic violence with a firearm. A year earlier she broke into a home with the intent to steal. Each time she was released. Maybe at least Flannigan will be punished with jail time.

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