Resolution To Decertify Results Of 2020 Election In Wis. [DETAILS]

It’s a step in the right direction. We can only hope it will be acted upon. The AZ Attorney General is still sitting on the results of the audit after 53 days. The massive election fraud was found there September 24. Anybody who watched the election knows what happened. A resolution to decertify that election might restore trust in future elections since Democrats are still cheating. It happened once, it can keep happening.

A Wisconsin resolution

Trump congratulated Rep. Tim Ramthun (R-WI) for putting forth a resolution to decertify the 2020 election based on an enormous amount of voter fraud, or “large scale voter fraud”. Among Wisconsin cases there was 44,000 individuals that didn’t have proper identification.

Only one state senator is needed to co sponsor it to come up in the legislature for a vote. Trump then challenged any patriots in the upper chamber that would be willing to put what they hold dear on the line, knowing the evidence is all there and irrefutable.

The resolution tries to point out the truth

The problem is the Democrats know it’s all true. Ramthun’s resolution calls for a “full physical forensic and cyber audit”. He wants the whole ball of wax just like AZ did.

The Wisconsin Election Commission or WEC actually ordered people to break the law so that commission needs to be dissolved. All 72 county clerks were told to break the law and harvest 70,000 votes from nursing homes. The margin will be big enough to put Trump on top.

There are other states that need a resolution

Several others had massive voter fraud. Biden was installed, not elected. Ramthun concluded, “I have continued to pursue truth and integrity of our 2020 general election. Recent developments have made it abundantly clear that the legislature should not have certified Wisconsin’s ten electoral ballots on December 14th 2020. I call upon the Wisconsin Legislature to recognize its duty under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, as well as the guidance provided from ss6.84(1), to decertify Wisconsin’s November 2020 election results by reclaiming its ten electoral ballots.”

Biden didn’t win by much, only 20,000 votes. The fraud found will push Trump to victory. Trump warned there would be massive fraud. He’s been right a lot.

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