Wealthy Senator Attends Communist Party Event

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of the more wealthy and prominent Democrats in the Washington D.C. establishment, made a special weekend visit to a Communist Party function in his home state to promote Biden’s Build Back Better plan and commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA. Blumenthal knew that he was speaking at a Communist Party event and evidently felt that his own agenda aligned closely with that of his hosts.

Leading leftist senator spends quality time with communists

It’s ironic that American public schools continue to teach students about the horrors of McCarthyism and the Red Scare in the 1950s as if they weren’t correct.

In hindsight we know that there was extensive communist infiltration in Hollywood and Washington D.C. and that Senator McCarthy was not at all wrong in suspecting that he was surrounded by Soviet assets in high society.

They still lecture us about how terrible it was for Americans to fear that communist subversives were plotting to take over the country even as some of the most powerful people in America in 2021 openly endorse the Communist Party.

Obviously the McCarthy era efforts failed because the people of Connecticut have continued to elect Senator Richard Blumenthal without any apparent concerns about his communist sympathies.

Speakers at the event attended by Blumenthal invited the audience to join the Communist Party in what they described as “this epic time.” The communists had good reason to be optimistic about their future given that a sitting U.S. senator was in their midst.

The organization which hosted the event is open about being an arm of the Communist Party of the United States of America and Blumenthal said that he was “excited and honored” to be their surprise guest.


Communist Party USA thanked for “many, many years of support”

Why would Blumenthal, who is worth an estimated $100 million, attend a Communist Party function? It certainly wasn’t to pander to anyone; the CPUSA has only a few thousand members and is politically insignificant in itself.

For most of its history it was nothing more than a puppet organization used by the Soviet Union to undermine the United States, though it never found any real success or popularity.

Why would Blumenthal choose to promote an insignificant and generally loathsome party if he did not feel genuinely attached to the agenda it espouses?

Blumenthal in his closing remarks thanked the audience of communist activists for their “help and support over many, many years.” This seems to be a long-term relationship.

Like all true communist elites, the senator spoke about the need for “economic justice” in the United States without making any mention of his personal fortune.

The fact that the rest of his party and the mainstream media are not excoriating Blumenthal for cheerfully attending a communist party celebration is truly a very telling statement on the 21st century Democratic Party.

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