Ted Cruz Just Put Them ALL on Blast

The Democrats have always been the party of segregation and discrimination but somehow the Republicans have been set up to be that. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found out the hard way that what’s been taught has been a lie. Among the people GOP Sen. Ted Cruz publicly schooled were AOC and Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Cruz was attacked

Anti-Trump Ornstein attacked Cruz for criticizing the NAACP’s “travel advisory” for Florida. The senator said the boycott was “bizarre” and “utterly dishonest” and mentioned that Martin Luther King Jr. would be “would be ashamed of how profoundly [the NAACP has] lost their way.”

Ornstein tweeted, “Guess who would have been first in line to filibuster against the voting rights act, and the civil rights act. Yes, Ted Cruz!” The senator retorted, “Nonsense. That shameful filibuster was led by Democrats—your party. My party — the Republicans — proudly voted for the Civil Rights Act in much higher percentages than the racist Dems.”

Ornstein really isn’t a Democrat

Otherwise, Cruz was right. The Democrat party was all about segregation and slavery. The Republicans were key in passing particular legislation and making sure it cleared a filibuster.

But tone-deaf AOC blasted into the conversation. “Why don’t you go ahead and tell people what happened to the parties after that, Ted.” She was hoping for a mic-drop. Cruz instead took it as an invitation.

He knows his history

“Sure. First, the Dem party founded the KKK. Then the Dem party wrote Jim Crow laws. Then the Dem party filibustered the Civil Rights Act.” Democrat-at-the-time Strom Thurmond was most famously connected with the Civil Rights Act filibuster, but that’s hardly the whole story.

Cruz began,

“Today, the Dem part filibusters school choice — trapping millions of Black kids in failing schools. Today, the Dem party pushes abolishing the police, which results in many more Black lives murdered. Today, every Dem senator voted against my bill to stop DC from throwing 40% of Black kids out of schools bc of vax mandate. The Republican Party was founded to oppose slavery. Our first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln, who won the Civil War and ended slavery. It was Republicans who voted for the civil Rights Act in a much higher percentage than racist Dems. Today, we produced the lowest African-American unemployment EVER, under the Trump economic boom. Today, we produced the lowest African-American poverty levels EVER, under the Trump economic boom.”

He finished her and others off with,

“Also, just two years ago, the Dem governor of Virginia had put the photo of A MAN DRESSED AS A KKK KLANSMAN on his personal yearbook page. – And today, the sitting Dem President—Joe Biden—gave in 2011 a flowery eulogy for an “Exalted Cyclops” of the KKK. And to add to all that, the Dem party aggressively supports open borders—which has led to the deaths and brutal assaults of thousands of Hispanics, and @aoc somehow can’t seem to find her White pantsuit to cry over their suffering.”

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