Homeless Hunter’s Been Crashing at White House For Weeks

It’s been officially confirmed that a homeless Hunter Biden has been crashing at the White House with his dad. He really should get a job, half the secret service moans. Joe got in a solid two weeks father-son time with his offspring. Some are noting Hunter’s admitted cocaine addiction and wondering if that was to keep an eye on him ahead of his big court date.

White House confinement

It wasn’t so much a visit as house arrest for Hunter Biden ahead of his big court appearance. The one where his plea deal on federal tax and gun crimes collapsed.

It’s being reported, on August 10, that “most” staffers had no idea the 53-year-old was lurking in West Wing until he started leaving little baggies laying around.

Conservative media is having a field day reporting that Joe Biden’s demon seed “began what ended up being a two-week stay at the Executive Mansion on June 21.” That was the day after he inked the “doomed plea agreement with U.S. Attorney David Weiss.” Those misdemeanor tax crimes have already been dismissed. Allegedly, so that the new special prosecutor can file felony charges.

Giving David Weiss a new title doesn’t change much and the fix is still in. The White House is still counting on the diabolical clause written into the gun charge diversion agreement. That one, Biden lawyers insist, was signed in blood. Their position is that it also precludes any other charges against Hunter for anything at all. That also makes the investigation into Joe go away, like all that bribery never even happened.

According to the New York Post, the majority of Joe Biden’s handlers “were unaware of Hunter Biden’s extended DC visit, which overlapped with a White House state dinner honoring India’s prime minister attended by the first son, two Biden family trips to Camp David, the discovery of a bag of cocaine steps from the Situation Room and an Independence Day blowout at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

There are videos floating around of the Biden nuclear family standing on a balcony. It comes out looking like a scene from Versailles, just before the French revolution. It also sure looks like Hunter’s doing a blast of blow, as he exits stage left.

Don’t mention it

All the minions running around the White House know not to mention Hunter Biden. They studiously pretend they don’t see him and intentionally forget it ever happened. They’re beyond “not involved” in conversations about the whacked out zombie wandering around and “strenuously avoid” discussing him with Joe “because of the belief” that their “contributions and ideas would not be welcome.

Joe allegedly uses a colorful vocabulary when there aren’t any reporters around.

The elephant in the room with the white powder under his trunk has been “complicating” Joe’s re-election efforts, the rank and file grumble, but not to Joe’s face. Biden is expected to win the election as easily as he did the last time, because the fix is still in on that, too.

Joe doesn’t care about polls or the fact that nobody shows up to see him. He doesn’t actually need “voters” because he already has the “votes.” All filled out and ready to be delivered to the counting machines in the middle of the night, again. The last thing he needs are people on the White House staff raising questions that Congress might hear about.

Hands off my family,” was the president’s message to aides concerning advice about Hunter Biden, left-leaning NBC wrote in June. Even though Joe has nothing to do with Hunter’s business deals and isn’t worried about any of what hit the fan to blow back on him, White House staff carefully and quietly “cleared President Biden’s schedule on the day his son’s plea deal fell apart in a Delaware court.

The last thing they wanted was him going off on a nosy reporter. “Staffers reportedly had concerns about ‘exposing‘ the president to reporters as the courtroom proceedings played out, and only scheduled ‘internal meetings‘ that day and a 45-minute-long interview with podcast host Jay Shetty about mental health.” There’s another topic Joe needs to stay away from. The president’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, was at Joe’s elbow the whole day.

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