WATCH: Tank Truck Plows Through Protesters, Then They Drag The Driver Out

It’s not clear that tanker truck driver Bogdan Vechirko was aware the freeway had been closed before he came rolling through a mob of protesters at full speed. Most of the crowd scattered as he approached, horn blaring. Vechirko managed to stop before he ran over one or two hardcore radicals who held their ground, but as soon as he did stop, he was dragged from his cab and beaten. Luckily he was rescued and arrested by police before he suffered too much damage from the anarchists.

Driver beaten and arrested

Thousands of protesters were allowed to seize control of an I-35 highway bridge over the Mississippi River in Minnesota. Nearby Minneapolis is the epicenter of New World Order engineered race riots in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of four uniformed assassins. The whole disturbing episode seems custom made to intentionally start a race war. The police as a department and an institution were totally “framed.”

After days of violence and civil unrest, things escalated on Sunday when a tanker truck drove through thousands of people marching on a Minneapolis highway. The unruly crowd quickly and efficiently dragged the driver from the cab and beat him nearly senseless, witnesses relate. It “did not appear any of the marchers were injured.” As for the trucker, he was “taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says the incident highlights how touchy things are. “The incident just underscores the volatile situation we have out there.” He was also quick to point out “he did not know the motives of the driver.” The resident of Otsego, Minnesota, may have been just as surprised by the horde of swarming radicals as they were of his speeding juggernaut. He may have considered rolling through his best option. He apparently didn’t want to hurt anyone because he did stop, which endangered his own life.

The freeway had been closed for less than an hour and it’s possible that 35-year-old Vechirko, who had been on the road, wasn’t aware of the closure. They know for sure “the truck was already on the interstate before the incident.” Barriers were put up to restrict access to the highway at 5 p.m. “It was one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen,” DPS Commissioner John Harrington reports. The Star-Tribune writes, “State officials said Vechirko may not have realized the road had been closed.”

A crowd of peaceful demonstrators

The police aren’t helping to diffuse the situation any by tweeting about the “very disturbing actions by a truck driver on I-35W, inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators.” Because video of the truck shows the owner’s logo, everyone started calling Kenan Advantage Group at their headquarters in Ohio.

They didn’t know anything more about it than anyone else but issued a statement anyway. They were “informed” of “an incident involving one of its independent contractors in Minneapolis.” They will be “cooperating with investigating authorities.”

Police estimate that there were between 5,000 and 6,000 radical demonstrators on the bridge when the truck came plowing through. After they arrived on the scene, officers had “to use chemical spray on protesters,” so they could help the driver to their cruiser. They managed to clear the crowd off the bridge by telling them there was the “threat of a possible gas or chemical leak from the tanker.”

  1. Happens all the time in NY. The police are told to close the thruway during a snow storm and trucks and cars are still on it with no sign or anything to tell them to don’t go any further. So after the storm they dig out the cars and trucks and use the trucks to finish opening up the thruway. Why were these people on the bridge or roadway any ways. It is not for people, they were asking for to get run over. It is for moving traffic. Being a gas truck he saved these criminals lives because he stopped the truck without making it twist sideways and turn over and catch on fire killing anyone including him with gas on them and a broken skin on the truck spilling gas. It happens all the time. He saved their lives by pulling his horn and stopping the loaded truck by going straight instead of slamming the brakes down and going sideways. And they paid the driver back by beating him up. Well, that tells you what kind of cheap dicks these rioters are, all about themselves and not thanking someone who saved their damn worthless lives. Trucks don’t stop fast like cars and bridges usually are curved a bit so you don’t always see miles ahead. This guy is a hero and should not be fired or arrested for anything. The police should have had a sign out closing the road a mile or two ahead. The people on the bridge should have been arrested for being where they had no business being and causing an accident. Oh and excuse me for thanking the driver for knowing how to handle the truck saving these cheap dicks lives and not thinking of asshole protesters who are so stupid to be on a bridge blocking traffic as poor, poor innocents.

  2. I would have had my Nine on Lap and first one to open door would never do it again. Blocking a Highway is not legal I would have run all the POS Down. That State and there Cops are shit, The police should not have to put up with the Dirt Bag Garbage Demorats that run the State.

  3. So according to the author a “peaceful protest” is stopping traffic on an interstate? What are you, stupid? Do the police think for one second that any peaceful DRIVER would want to stop for a mob? I carry for a reason…it’s to protect my family and myself…and I will do whatever is necessary to keep us as safe as possible…if some freaking idiot lays down in front of my truck they could get hurt.

    1. I was using the words the msm were using and I did it in a sarcastic way. I don’t think anybody missed that point. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Personally, if you are not a legal parade and you are a violent mob blocking the road I am driving on you are wanting to become road kill. After innocent drivers and children have been shot by these peaceful protesters you have to be an idiot to stop for them. They are the ones needing arrested and if they get plowed over too bad, so sad but they should of learned from their parents as children not to play in traffic.

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