Biden’s HIGHLY Political DOJ Announces They are Going After Police Officers Now

Taking advantage of their politically engineered victory in the Chauvin trial, the Biden Department of Justice will be targeting the rest of the Minneapolis Police Department in a new partisan “investigation.” Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced a sweeping probe into the entire department, in addition to the ongoing federal examination of the George Floyd case. Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota are already targeting local police with their own efforts.

Biden joins the anti-police crusade

The show trial that convicted Derek Chauvin has been a highly politicized and media driven event, with prominent politicians attempting to directly threaten the jury with violent repercussions if their desired verdict was not returned.

Rather than attempting to address the judicial lynching of Derek Chauvin the Biden Department of Justice will evidently be working to reinforce the mob rule situation in Minneapolis.

The investigation will be directed towards accusing Minneapolis police as a whole of engaging in discriminatory policing and excessive use of force against black suspects, aiming to enact “major changes” to policing as a whole in the city.

President Biden has already, in addition to working to influence the results of the trial, announced his own plans to ensure that the campaign against police in Minneapolis continues after the guilty verdict.

The extent of what Biden plans to do remains unknown, though it would be difficult to exceed the rhetoric which leading Democrats have already employed in regards to this and other cases.

The chorus of dubious statements from politicians claiming that the legal system has performed fairly and justly has been not exactly been vindicated by this continuing crusade against Chauvin and his former colleagues.

Minneapolis gets even worse once again

For anyone left in Minneapolis, the announcement  will be more frightening news in a city which is already hurdling towards complete anarchy at a remarkable pace.

The White House may, in fact, not even have time to complete this new investigation before the Minneapolis Police Department evaporates entirely or is abolished by the city itself.

One wonders why any police officers in the city would continue to perform the thankless job with the imminent threat of an assault from the federal government joining the local attacks on their work.

Whether the result is a voluntary mass exodus of police or a top-down purge, the results for the battered city will likely be the same. Minneapolis has increasingly struggled to keep up any façade of not being under total mob rule.

The Biden Administration now faces the challenge of turning the police-free dream of Democrat voters and BLM protesters into a reality in some of the most violent and crime-ridden cities in the country.

For law-abiding Minneapolis residents who have not already seen the writing on the wall and fled, it seems that the surrender of the city to crime and mob rule is not finished yet.

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