Maxine Lands Herself in HOT Waters After ‘DANGEROUS’ RHETORIC

Maxine Waters has found herself in potential trouble after botching things and saying openly what Democrats are supposed to only insinuate quietly. Waters is facing a potential censure from Republicans in Congress with possible help from members of her own party after she effectively attempted to incite a riot in Minneapolis over the soon to be announced results of the Derek Chauvin trial. With violence looking almost inevitable, the comments will not be well received in some corners.

Maxine admits what everyone already knows

A sitting member of Congress openly intimidating a jury and threatening violence if the wrong verdict is returned is apparently a step too far for many in Washington.

Anger at Waters spread after Judge Peter Cahill, who is presiding over the Chauvin trial, complained about the fact that elected officials are attempting to intervene in and disrupt the legal process.

Waters told protesters that they must be” more active” and “more confrontational” if they are unsatisfied with the results of the trial. Burning and looting multiple major cities being apparently not active or confrontational enough for Maxine.

While the looming threat of violence has influenced nearly every aspect of the trial, the potential for it to now impact the verdict and lead to a mistrial could extend the process even more.

While this is the concern of Judge Cahill, Democrats are concerned with the image of their party. Many Democrats are said to be angered at the fact that violence will now be directly linked to a prominent member of their party.

It remains to be seen if enough Democrats will be angry enough to actually join Republican sin attempting to censure Maxine for her comments; with the small Democrat majority in the House, it would only take a small number of defectors.

Pelosi refuses to disavow support for riots

Representative Steve Scalise, who was severely injured in 2017 when a leftist gunman opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen at baseball practice, attacked Waters for her comments alongside other Republican leaders.

Scalise condemned the comments as being the kind of violent rhetoric which resulted in him being shot and nearly killed.

Many Democrats are sticking up for Maxine, however. Nancy Pelosi supported the comments and said that Waters should not apologize, claiming that she did not believe that any violence would occur because of her statements.

Pelosi, of course, is probably correct. Violence was going to happen anyway, as BLM supporters have always insisted it would. Maxine only made the mistake of saying out loud what everyone else was thinking.

Certainly the violence that will presumably explode in Minnesota and across the country once the Chauvin verdict is announced will not be more easily linked to Democrats in Congress by their Republican opponents.

With so many Democrats and so many of their constituents either quietly or overtly holding the same opinion and desire for violence, one wonders how much trouble Maxine Waters will really face for her blunder.

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