Take The Whole Thing and Go: Cops Clueless

A five woman crew of organized retail thieves left cops clueless. They made off with the whole safe full of cash from an independent grocery store in Orange County, California, Christmas Eve.

Cops without a clue

All the cops in the Los Angeles vicinity are on high alert for five female bandits who “stole an 80-pound safe full of money.” They planned their raid well. According to local outlets, “the group pulled off a distraction robbery.

The retailer reports that “the women pretended to be shoppers and distracted two clerks with a variety of questions.” While they were busy, “one of the women was then able to sneak into the back of the store and steal the money.

Store owner Nasser Abdallah turned his video footage over to cops, hoping to identify the women. The one who sneaked into the office “had something hidden under her skirt, which she then used to help lift the safe with one hand.

A second thief “placed the safe in a shopping cart, and the two women covered it with coats and scarves.” There was around $9,000 in it at the time.

One customer was heartbroken to hear the news. “It’s commonplace now which is horrendous.” Robert Shaw is a regular shopper who notes that “this is a small place and $9,000 means a lot to them.” Cops promise that they really did open an investigation and are “currently searching for the group of women.

Finding them is a different story and prosecuting them an even more iffy one. If they don’t get a public defender in time, they could get turned loose. Assuming they’re ever caught, that is.

Retail theft a pandemic

All of the liberal jurisdictions who defunded their police and hired George Soros sponsored prosecutors are suddenly shocked by the spike in crime. Since putting criminals in prison is “racist,” cops aren’t allowed to do much more than break up acute incidents of mayhem. Once in a while.

In California, they decriminalized shoplifting. When the sticky fingered criminals went pro, Democrats finally decided to do something about “organized” retail theft. You can still steal up to $950 in any one haul, as long as it’s for “personal use.” Selling the booty online is a no-no and they intend to crack down on that, someday.

The big retailers have already announced that since cops can’t protect their staff or their inventory, they’ll hire more private security and pass the losses on to consumers in the prices.

Small retailers like Mr. Abdallah will simply close their doors. That’s already happening all over California. Meanwhile, liberal places like Portland, Oregon are simply setting their criminals free.

Cops cuff the criminals and toss them in a cell. Then, “a lack of public defenders” forces “Multnomah County judges to dismiss hundreds of felony cases including cases involving robbery, assault, and harassment.

As revealed by the District Attorney’s office, “300 cases have been dismissed in 2022 through December 9, because of the public defender shortage, two-thirds of which were felony cases.

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