Pharma Exec Killed in His Home [Details]

A New Jersey pharmaceutical company executive was murdered in his own home on October 26 after a man followed him from a casino, where he had won thousands of dollars, back to his place of residence 50 miles away. 27-year-old Jekai Reid-John has been arrested for shooting 54-year-old Sree Ranga Aravapalli, CEO of Aurix Labs, who he encountered as the CEO was leaving the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania with his winnings shortly after 3 AM.

CEO with casino winnings followed back to his home

Aurex Labs is a small but successful pharmaceutical company which primarily produces soft gelatin capsules and tablets, along with other clinical supplies.

Sree Ranga Aravapalli, of Indian origin, was the CEO of the company and is described as being a wealthy executive with a wife, a son, and a daughter.

Aravapalli cashed out after a successful night at the Parx Casino with about $10,000 in winnings, leaving in the early hours of October 26.

Jekai Reid-John, who did not know Aravapalli or have any connection to him, noticed the CEO leaving the casino with his winnings.

As Aravapalli headed back to the affluent and quiet New Jersey neighborhood where he lived with his family, Reid-John followed him in his own vehicle.

Reid-John broke into the Aravapalli home after his target entered, shooting him several times and then fleeing from the scene. Aravapalli was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Suspect quickly identified

Police immediately established that the killing had followed an attempted robbery after being called to the typically peaceful neighborhood by residents who reported the uncharacteristic gunshots.

Surveillance footage from the casino showed that two men had been lurking around and watching Aravapalli during his time at the casino.

Reid-Johnson, one of the two men, had used a debit card under his name at the casino. The other man has not been publicly identified.

Police who arrived at Reid-Johnson’s residence found a white BMW which matched descriptions of the car which had followed Aravapalli to his home.

Inside the car police found clothing which matched what the individual watching Aravapalli in the casino had been wearing. A loaded handgun was also recovered.

Reid-Johnson was arrested and now faces a first degree murder charge. In 2016 he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to several years in prison for dealing drugs.

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