Fauci Cover-Up Begins: NIH Quietly Scrubs Info

Doctor Anthony Fauci has faced calls for his resignation from left and right after reports emerged of his having funded experiments in which beagle puppies were subjected to what many observers and lawmakers feel  was particularly cruel treatment. Now the attribution of the funding for these experiments to Fauci’s National Institutes of Health has been retroactively removed from the relevant documents.

Acknowledgement of NIH funding removed

White Coat Waste, a conservative organization which scrutinizes superfluous research being funded with American tax dollars, first publicized the beagle studies.

Publicly available records stated that the NIH had funded these now controversial experiments, giving White Coat Waste a direct link between them and Fauci.

Now those records have been altered. The study’s publishers removed their acknowledgement of NIH funding and replaced it with a statement which claims that an error was made.

This sudden denial of NIH funding is extremely suspicious for obvious reasons. Firstly, it is difficult to imagine that researchers and publishers could become so confused about where their money was coming from.

Why would someone intentionally write out a disclosure acknowledging that the NIH had funded a project if there was, in fact, no connection?

If it was a lie or an invention then why would the NIH and Dr. Fauci not ask that it be removed sooner? The study was published months ago.

A bad month for Fauci

It’s convenient for the NIH and Fauci that this error was suddenly noticed as soon as the study came under public scrutiny and sparked bipartisan attacks on the doctor.

PETA, not generally considered to be a conservative group, has been enthusiastically calling for Fauci to be removed from his position.

The group is attacking the “correction” as an attempt by the NIH to cover up something which has become a source of unwelcome controversy. it’s hard to disagree with that opinion.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have demanded answers from Fauci and the NIH on why these experiments, which have caused such visceral reactions amongst animal lovers, were given public funding.

This is not the only alleged cover up related to Dr. Fauci which has been inspiring calls for his firing. Apparent proof has also emerged recently to show that the NIH did, in fact, fund gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

All of this negative attention would be ruining the moment for Fauci, who is the subject of a new and very complimentary documentary, if not for the fact that the documentary is already receiving abysmally negative feedback from the public.

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