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Critical Race Theory School Board Debate Boils Over Into Chaos

The people of Loudon County, Virginia rebelled against the teaching of critical race theory and transgender ideology at a school board meeting, one of several which has boiled over into a chaotic debate. Police arrested two people at the meeting for protesting against the leftist teachings, though parents in Loudon County show no intention of backing down in their opposition to the school board and the Marxist policies they are working to introduce.

School board faces rebellion from parents

While arrests are almost unheard of for rioters and looters nationwide, police at the Loudon County meeting were quick to shut down this protest on behalf of the school board.

Parents, teachers, and students in Loudon County have taken a leading role in the fight against leftist critical race theory and other extremist teachings.

The fight in Loudon drew national attention when elementary school teacher Tanner Cross stated that he would not acquiesce to a policy which would require him to violate his Christian beliefs for the sake of gender politics.

Cross was quickly suspended for his comments and has, with broad support from Loudon residents, fought back against the suspension as an attack on his right to free speech.

The latest school board meeting, held on June 22, was the most fiery yet. The leftist school board and their supporters were clearly outnumbered by opponents of their policies.

Loudon County residents lined up to denounce the school board for attacking Christianity and the Constitution, with only a small minority defending the anti-white and transgender ideologies being debated.

Police arrest CRT opponents

As critical race theory becomes a commonly known and hated term, Loudon County and other school boards have denied publicly that they are teaching it to children.

In reality, however, these subjects are being taught nationwide by public schools which have forced the agenda of BLM and other radical leftist groups on students, often without parents being aware.

Loudon County residents have obviously not been fooled by the  denials of the school board. Parents and students also expressed disgust at the school board for attempting to force girls to share their bathrooms and locker rooms with males.

After more than an hour of this revolt, the board ended the public meeting in an attempt to avoid the increasingly fiery opposition.

Loudon County  police then rushed in to declare that the opponents of the board were engaged in unlawful assembly. This announcement only created more anger from Loudon residents at the meeting.

Ultimately, police arrested two individuals who refused to cease their vocal opposition to the idea of forcing Loudon students to accept their Marxist agenda.

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