GOP Senator Rand Paul wins Kentucky Republican Primary

Rand Paul is running on keeping government and spending down. He defeated several Republican challengers and will face Democrat Charles Booker in November. The economy is almost always a concern for voters and Paul thinks it’s important to keep our eye on that ball. He’s promised to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci should Republicans win the majority. He’ll do what he can for the US.

Paul is looking at a third term

He understands to keep government growth and spending under control since the natural inclination is to expand. Paul noted,“I think most people instinctively know that nothing really in life is free. You’re going to have to pay for it with hard work. Right now we’re paying for it through inflation and it could get much worse. People come from government and they say, we will give you checks. Here’s $1,400, here’s a check. You know we’re going to take care of you. But what they don’t tell you is the penalty for that or the price for that is inflation.”

D. Stephen Voss of the University of Kentucky is familiar with the political world. “Kentucky voters tend to be fairly moderate on economic issues including Kentucky republicans. They tend to be very conservative on social issues.”

Paul on Russian collusion

He thought a special counsel should be called to investigate the Russian collusion nonsense. He also joked about seeing if the Russians are working with the environmentalists.

Paul mentioned, “Maybe we should get a special prosecutor. Maybe we need to spend about $100 million investigating Putin’s contributions to the green alarmists in our country. I don’t know if it’s true. But can you imagine, there’s probably more truth to that than any of the BS they put forward about trying to connect the Russians to the Trump campaign.”

Environmentalists killed the Keystone pipeline

The environmental activists want to limit anything related to oil and gas drilling as well as fracking. This plus the Biden administration’s energy policies have contributed to high prices which translates into money to Russia since they produce so much.

Paul didn’t think Democrats were working with Russia. He also didn’t think Trump colluded with Russia in 2016 to rig the election in his favor. Democrats though waged a non stop witch hunt on Trump for two years.

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