Antifa Brutally Attacks Asian Reporter

Journalist Andy Ngo was attacked again by Antifa radicals on May 28 in Portland, Oregon. Ngo has been repeatedly targeted by the group due to his work in exposing members of the violent leftist organization. After being physically assaulted by a large group of communists, Ngo was forced to take shelter in a hotel. He has since been vocal about the incident on Twitter and elsewhere and is calling for action to be taken against Antifa.

Antifa assaults Andy Ngo again

Portland has been a center for Antifa activity for years, but over the course of the last year it has been occupied almost nonstop by rioting left wing mobs.

The communists have destroyed a number of buildings and frequently terrorize the local population, generally with minimal opposition.

Authorities have been very reluctant to crack down on the left wing group. Now Ngo is using his assault to call for action from police in Portland and for the arrest of the violent Antifa activists.

The rally attended by Andy Ngo was a commemoration by Antifa of the one year anniversary of their occupation of Portland. The crowd of about 100 rioters were thus in a very jubilant mood when they spotted the journalist.

Antifa activists in both Portland and elsewhere have shown an extraordinary willingness to riot and destroy without fear of repercussions.

The group is evidently aware of the fact that the government  which supposedly oppresses them is generally willing to coddle them with minimal sentences, if any are punished at all.

Portland remains under Antifa occupation

Accustomed as they are to experiencing no consequences at all for their crimes, Antifa affiliated groups have shown an extremely hostile reaction to Ngo and the work he does to expose them.

Antifa rioters have openly threatened to kill or assault Ngo; death threats are common both online and in the streets of Portland. In 2019 Ngo was attacked in Portland under very similar circumstances.

This time, Ngo was again physically attacked as he fled through the streets of Portland and took refuge in a hotel lobby. The hotel attempted to force Ngo to leave as the rioters gathered outside and pounded on the windows.

Finally, police arrived and ordered the mob to disperse. Ngo reported that he later made it to the hospital where he was treated for the injuries which he had received from the Antifa attack.

The journalist is taking the opportunity to confront Portland authorities with the fact that they have a violent mob of rioters in their streets which is able to freely terrorize citizens and reporters.

For now, a serious crackdown seems unlikely. It appears that Portland will remain indefinitely in the hands of the occupying communists.

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