Here’s ANOTHER State Involved in Ballot Harvesting

It’s just a local election that occurred but it can start there. Voter fraud happened successfully before, it can happen again. A voter observed a Green Bay, Wisconsin city clerk accepting a number of absentee ballots from one individual over multiple occasions. Wisconsin state law says you cannot receive multiple ballots from one person. Several states were involved in voter fraud in 2020.

Wisconsin corruption

A voter named Matt Roeser filed the complaint that a couple others witnessed as well,

“I, as the above-named complainant, allege, upon information and belief, that probably cause exists to believe that absentee ballot harvesting legal violations in the April 5, 2022 Green Bay election occurred because Respondent Celestine Jeffreys approved it in violation of Wisconsin Statues 6.87(4)(b)(1).”

The complaint mentions the only acceptable means of delivering an absentee ballot, “…the only legally authorized methods of delivery of absentee ballots are personally delivering your absentee ballot to the clerk or personally mailing it – unless there is a statutory exception.” This complaint was filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission April 21.

The proof is out there

There was an election fraud hearing in Wisconsin in March. Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington released video from that event.

There was a lot of trafficked votes. “137,551 trafficked votes in election decided by 20,682,” Harrington noted. This was six times larger than the margin of victory for Biden in 2020.

Discretion dispute

Wisconsin City Clerk Celestine Jeffreys was seen doing this several times so it’s not just an isolated incident. Erick Kaardal is a special counsel with the Thomas More Society, a non profit legal firm. Democrat Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich appointed Jeffreys.

Kaardal put out a statement, “This is ballot harvesting and it is illegal. The action is galling enough in and of itself but when the voters who observed Clerk Jeffreys engaging in this illegal act challenged her, Jeffreys replied that it was her ‘discretion’ to do so.”

In your face in Wisconsin

Kaardal continued, “One of the voters addressed Jeffreys, stating ‘You don’t have the discretion. The law doesn’t allow multiple ballots.’ Jeffreys then countered with the words, ‘I have the discretion. I’m taking the ballots.’”

The Green Bay City Attorney Joanne Bungert sided with Jeffreys. A voter asked if this was proper and was told it was a gray area but Jeffreys did have discretion.

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