DEA Agent Says FBI Informant Urged Him to Break Into Capitol

A former DEA agent claims that an FBI informant encouraged him to break into the Capitol on January 6 after inviting him to the protest. Army veteran and former DEA agent Mark Ibrahim never entered the building but he still lost his job with the agency and now faces 15 years in prison. The FBI is known to have had assets in the crowd keeping them informed of the situation. There has been much speculation about what else they may have been doing.

FBI had people in the crowd

Mark Ibrahim accompanied a friend from his time in the Army to hear then President Trump speak on January 6. He did not know that this friend was working for the FBI.

According to Ibrahim, as the crowd of Trump supporters entered the Capitol this FBI informant opportunistically encouraged him to join them.

If true this would be an obvious case of attempted entrapment. We know that the FBI has no qualms at all about using entrapment to make arrests.

The supposed plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for instance, turned out to have been almost entirely conceived and arranged by federal agents.

Not even a fellow federal agent is immune from FBI scheming apparently. Ibrahim did not enter the building but he was arrested anyway.

He made these claims in an interview with Tucker Carlson, who has been drawing attention to the plight of individuals targeted by the FBI and subjected to inhumane treatment.


Another prop for the war on imaginary terror

The FBI is desperate to arrest as many “right wing domestic terrorists” as possible to shore up the narrative constructed around this phantom threat and justify the efforts being expended in cracking down on political dissidents.

The agency has failed to locate any hint of prior planning or orchestration behind the events of January 6. All of the evidence points to its having been a spontaneous thing.

Ibrahim’s story is being attacked by those who are heavily invested in the January 6 narrative but that story itself is hardly outlandish.

The FBI had informants scattered throughout the crowd and entrapment is a standard and well documented tactic used by the agency.

The war against domestic terror is really just a war against political dissent and the façade can only be held in place if the feds continue to find hapless right wing people to frame and entrap.

If this particular story is true then it is one more argument for throwing out the entirety of this corrupt federal agency and replacing it with something competent and apolitical.

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