Sally Yates Saves Her Own A**, Tosses Comey Under The Karma Bus

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates pushed disgraced FBI Director James Comey directly under the speeding Obamagate investigation bus. She suddenly got patriotically inclined when she realized it’s the best way to save her own tender posterior. The Karma level is cosmic.

Sally Yates ratted out ‘rogue’ James Comey

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham went on Hannity’s show Wednesday to fill in more details about the actions of Barack Obama’s top instigator at the Federal Bureau of Instigation and their Deep State plot against President Donald Trump. Yates told Graham’s Senate Judiciary Committee, under oath, that James Comey went “rogue” to entrap Michael Flynn.

According to Senator Graham, “People are running away from him like he’s got the plague.” As her testimony indicated, “Jim Comey is about as radioactive as you can get.” He told viewers, “if you don’t believe me, ask Sally Yates.” Recently, Obama’s deputy Attorney General told Graham’s committee that “an FBI interview of then-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in January 2017 was done without her authorization and she was upset when she found out about it.”

The way Yates characterized it, James Comey “blindsided her” with the Michael Flynn interview. While Graham interrogated her about the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” anti-Trump investigation, and “the circumstances surrounding the White House interview of Flynn,” at one point he bluntly asked, “did Comey go rogue?” Her reply was startling. “You could use that term, yes,” Yates agreed.

Irritated with FBI Director Comey

Yates quickly added that she was “irritated” with Director Comey “for not telling her that Flynn’s communications with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were being investigated.” It later came out that they were all set to close the Flynn case at that point. They already knew he didn’t do anything wrong at all. In that fateful meeting in the Oval Office, they decided to make Flynn commit a crime, whether he wanted to or not.

Senator Graham is more than a little ticked off at some of the things he’s been hearing in committee testimony. When he had Rod Rosenstein under the hot lights, Rosenstein admitted, “no, I wouldn’t have signed the warrant if I knew then what I know now.” The warrant he was talking about was the one asking for a wiretap on Carter Page. On top of that, Sally Yates threw Comey “under the bus,” saying that “he went rogue and that “he set up General Flynn to manufacture a crime.”

“What’s the takeaway here?” Graham inquires. “That Comey sat on top of one of the most corrupt investigations, Crossfire Hurricane, in the history of the FBI, and the rats are jumping ship. Bad day for Jim Comey.” It’s clear from testimony that there is “no way in hell” that Comey did not know that Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier had been “proved to be unsound by the Russian sub-source interview.” That happened all the way back in January of 2017, as Trump was being sworn in. “My goal was to prove that he did know and he got warrants against Carter Page anyway.” Sally Yates is icing on his cake.

Senator Graham warns Comey that he’s “got a date with the truth, my friend.” After he learned what Yates had to say he started heating up his favorite blowtorch. Lindsey Graham isn’t waiting to hear what John Durham digs up. “I don’t know what Durham is going to do, but I know what the hell I’m going to do.” Graham promises, “I’m going to call the intel analyst and the case agent who interviewed the Russian sub-source and ask them, ‘Once you found out the dossier was a bunch of garbage, did you tell anybody about it?'” He swears, “we’ll get to the bottom of it, stay tuned.”

  1. Yates tried to excuse that some of the FISA requests were submitted after the individuals left the Trump campaign… yet all records on the individuals were requested on the individuals during the time they were on the Trump campaign team… and nothing is being said about the Two Hop rule… where Page, for example, makes calls to, for example, 50 people… then the 50 can be SPIED ON… and those 50 called 50 each who can be spied on. So the FISAs, THAT WE KNOW ABOUT mean some 10-20,000 people could be spied on… legally via a few FISA warrants.
    Also not mentioned was the Comey creation called the ‘Up or Out’ policy in the FBI where Agents had to rotate through the D.C. office.. to be approved…. or OUT THEY WENT. THAT.. transparency is entirely unwanted as THAT means the higher staff in the FBI are replicas of COMEY! Every FBI agent needs to be re-vetted.

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