Sally Yates in the Hot Seat…GOP Probe Russia Hoax

Barack Obama’s Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates will get her turn under interrogation by Congress on Wednesday. She’s going on the hot seat as part of the Obamagate probe into what turned out to be a total hoax orchestrated by Deep State conspirators in the previous administration, to frame Donald Trump with manufactured Russian lies.

Sally Yates is coming in Graham promises

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham announced Monday that high profile target Sally Yates will be “coming in August 5,” to have a little chat with the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Graham. Yates wasn’t available for comment but everybody knows that the Obamagate investigation is heating up fast.

Graham is digging deep into how the whole “Crossfire Hurricane” plot began and checking into whether it’s the “insurance policy” cooked up in Andrew McCabe’s office to deal with the unthinkable horror confronting liberals in 2016 that Donald Trump might actually edge out the FBI’s beloved Hillary Clinton. Robert Mueller’s inquisition was the direct result and didn’t produce a single thing. Yates is expected to have some interesting light to shed on the details.

Graham has been looking back over the records about “the probes of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, former national security advisor Michael Flynn and the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, courts.” It’s clear now that the whole thing was a sham. As deputy director, Yates signature should show up all over the place in the files. We now know that entrusted officials were approving things they knew to be lies and declaring under the federal seal of approval that it was all the God’s honest truth.

Graham has broad subpoena power

Before the interrogation session scheduled for Ms. Yates, Graham has only had one other hearing so far on the issue. He had Rod Rosenstein making faces like a squirrel when he was on the witness stand. Since then, Graham got the full approval to drag anyone to the stand he wants. In political speak, “Republicans on the Judiciary Committee voted last month to grant Graham broad subpoena power, including being able to compel more than 50 individuals to appear.”

Sally Yates is definitely one of the 50. Even though Graham could have her dragged to the courtroom in chains if necessary, “the GOP senator told The Hill that the public hearing was being done on a voluntary basis.” One of the biggest things that Americans want to hear her explain is the January 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting she attended.

Yates, along with old-big-ears Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and James Comey, “discussed sharing national security information related to Russia with Flynn.” More specifically, they decided to breathe new life into the Flynn case which was about to be dropped because Flynn didn’t do anything wrong. They decided to use the Logan Act, an unknown and untested piece of legal intrigue, to “trap” Flynn into lying to the FBI. As of that meeting, Flynn was already a criminal whether he broke any laws or not, the FBI promised to make sure he would. All of the dirty tricks had to be “by the book” Obama insisted. Susan Rice had to send herself an email to remind herself of that, as President Donald Trump was taking the oath of office.

  1. When you know something is a lie and you are a Deputy Attorney General then you should be in twice the trouble as the normal person because your job is to uphold the law not make bogus charges because you do not like the person you are going after.

  2. These liberals should be taken out and placed against the wall, and shot. They are traitors to their country.

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