If You Don’t Comply, Democrats Now Threatening to Shut Off Your Utilities

If you don’t comply with liberal social-distancing rules, authorities in Los Angeles are allowed to shut off your utilities. Some gang-bangers shot up an expensive mansion the other night, killing one of their own in the process. That ruined it for everyone. LA officials firmly declared that only looters and rioters are exempt from large gathering restrictions.

Comply with authorities or else

The progressively liberal authorities who mis-manage Los Angeles aren’t happy with people who refuse to comply with their arbitrary rules. They issued orders to the police to “shut off water and power from homes and businesses that host egregiously large gatherings.” They admit it’s more show than substance because it won’t be applied very often. Mayor Eric Garcetti explained, “The order targets repeat offenders that have hosted large gatherings several times during the pandemic.” It also refuses to acknowledge the daily “demonstrations” and nightly “riots.”

Laws really don’t mean anything at all in California, anymore. Even the officials went anarchist. They will arbitrarily decide who to target with failure to comply orders and hold essential utilities like water and lights hostage. “It’s meant to deter them from hosting parties or events in the future, during a period of the pandemic when California continues to lead the country in coronavirus cases,” Garcetti evades.

Everyone simply must comply with social-distancing restrictions they warn, or there will be progressives dying in the streets. “Over 530,000 people in California have been diagnosed with coronavirus, and over 9,800 of them have died, according to CNN’s U.S. coronavirus case tracker.” Nearly 40% of those cases “have been reported in and around Los Angeles County,” but the riots had nothing to do with the spread. House parties did it.

If the department responds, look out

Every ecstasy dealer in LA is on notice that starting Friday, “if the Los Angeles Police Department responds and confirms that a large gathering is taking place at a property, they’ll give notice and request that the city’s Department of Water and Power shuts off service to that property within the next two days.” The way things are set up makes it look like those after-riot party gigs haven’t been chipping in to the local buy-a-cop-a-donut fund, so they better comply or there won’t be any power for the 500 watt amps. Nobody else has to worry.

“This enforcement is not focused on small and ordinary gatherings in people’s homes.” The birthday parties and quinceaneras can go on as scheduled. Ordinary citizens don’t have to comply. The utility threatening rule is “focused on the people determined to break the rules, posing significant public dangers and a threat to all of us,” Garcetti claimed.

Monday’s mansion party on Mulholland Drive is a case in point. Garcetti called parties like that “super-spreader events,” attended by “super-spreader people.” The hundred or so guests in Beverly Crest started super-spreading lead too. Nobody is saying a word about the way they failed to comply with the gun laws. One person was killed and four others injured. The Mayor is more concerned about all the ones who picked up Covid-19 there.

  1. Just more liberal/fascist ‘bull shit’ trying to control your life;;;;;;;move from Caleefornication and GET A LIFE. SO when are thse bankrupt losers going to leave the Union?

  2. California is releasing prisoners because of COVID, and locking up law abiding citizens because of COVID!

    1. Richard makes sense get rid if the none paying prisoners and put those in prison that can afford to bail themselves out.

  3. No worry about water and power shutoff-just STEAL IT ! Screw garcetti and his facist attitude ! Like piglosi said “people will do what people do”. Or LEAVE Kommiefornia and let the shithole sink in it’s own mess! Just don’t bring your liberal ideas with you.

    1. Mike trouble is those that leave Cal. bring their nasty habits with them. Look at how many states they have already turned into another Cal.

  4. Those leaving Cal. are like a disease that keeps growing and changing every state they go to into another Cal. sewer.

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