Straight From the Horses Mouth, 45 Drops the Mic

Trump hasn’t gone away and he might have grown stronger. People can see what the Democrats are doing without fear of reprisal. They come out, say a few words and run behind closed doors. Trump was square with the American people. We crave that after being lied to for so many years. Promises were made and most importantly, kept. He was action, not just words. He’ll continue to drop the mic for years.

Democrats hate that he can drop that mic

Democrats shut him out of places he could talk to the American people. They hated that there was a percentage of Democrats that went to his speeches. Democrats that may have talked to other Trump supporters one on one. One person at a time without a screen telling you what to think.

Trump spoke at a rally in Alabama. It’s a deep red state, yes, but blue states won’t allow him in. Democrats are still free to tune in, provided your screen provides unbiased coverage.

He dropped the mic over the money raised

Again. In Cullman, Alabama, Trump said he raised a record $1.2 million, although it’s not yet confirmed. That’s still a lot of money anyway you slice it.

Trump spoke about his fourth post presidential rally, “Normally I say, ‘O.K., I will raise money, but you can take half and we take half, and we put it into my campaign. I just said, ‘the hell with that, Alabama is so good, keep the whole thing.’

The mic drop included a new chairman

“He raised $1.2 million, John Wahl,” Trump mentioned the new Republican Party chairman.

“Alabama GOP chair, oh, this guy is amazing,” Trump continued, “You know what you raised tonight? A record in the history of the Republican Party, and I think also in the history of the Democrat Party, if we can say that. You raised $1.2 million.”

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