Meet the Karens Who are Tracking Down Trump Supporters and Turning them In to the Feds

By now it is well known that the feds love nothing more than seeing Americans rat out their friends and family who support Trump. What may not be so well known is that the FBI have found their true champions of the hour: bitter middle-aged liberal women who spend too much time online. These women are being lauded by the feds and their allies in the media for tracking down Trump supporters on their own time and sending their information to the FBI.

Feds find reinforcements: bored liberal housewives

In a laudatory Huffpost article these busybodies are called the “sedition hunters.” Sedition, meaning opposition to neoliberalism, has become the greatest of crimes in America in the months following January 6.

Sedition in this case means anything less than slavish boot-licking and obedience to the bureaucratic apparatus of the federal government and the Biden Administration.

It is to the immense credit of the feds that they have successfully convinced liberals to go in a year from harping on about being “the resistance” to of their own initiative tracking down those who dissent against the beliefs being promoted by the CIA and the Pentagon.

Truly brilliant stuff from the people who run the FBI and the mainstream media. Other police states have to pay or threaten their citizens to inform on each other. Our liberals have been convinced to do it for free.

The “sedition hunters” are, according to the Huffpost article, people who already devoted most of their miserable free time to stalking strangers online.

Now these creatures are devoting all of their time and energy to tracking down people who protested the extremely questionable results of the 2020 election and sending their information to the feds.

Stalkers lauded by media and government

“Sedition” against the sort of ideology that is being forced on the world by every powerful entity from Coca-Cola to the White House ought to be common sense for any self-respecting American.

The people that the  “sedition hunters” are helping the feds arrest are normal American citizens. Teachers, pastors, and normal workers are being tracked down by bored liberals with far too much time on their hands.

Huffpost itself had the chutzpah to compare this to the members of the public who helped track down the people who kidnapped and murdered Charles Lindbergh’s baby son.

It is almost incredible that there are so many Americans who are so willing to see their neighbors tortured or imprisoned purely out of boredom and a desire to feel important.

Almost, but what else should we expect in 2021? Now that the left has complete power in the United States they are moving quickly to stamp out any possibility of serious opposition in the future.

People need something to worship; in the absence of faith for these liberals the feds and the political establishment become the object of that worship. The “sedition hunters” want to let the world know that their devotion to the high priests of neoliberalism is unmatched.

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