Heart Breaking Video: 73yr old Pastor/Purple Heart Veteran Arrested along with Son

While murderers and rapists walk free, federal agents are going to enormous lengths to track down opponents of the Biden regime. A Vietnam veteran and pastor was arrested in Florida on June 24 by heavily armed FBI agents for being present at the Capitol on January 6. Despite not being violent or destructive at the Capitol, 73 year-old James Cusick was pursued to his house in Florida and carried off in handcuffs by a large group of federal agents.

Vietnam veteran arrested by FBI

Now a pastor at the Global Outreach Church of Melbourne, Cusick volunteered to fight  in Vietnam and spent 16 months serving there according to his daughter Staci, earning a Purple Heart in the process.

In addition to James Cusick, his friend David Lesperance and son Casey Cusick were also arrested, with Casey dragged from his home by agents in front of his three year-old daughter.

They are only three of the large number of Floridians who have been arrested by federal law enforcement in relation to the Capitol protest.

James Cusick is charged with disorderly conduct, entering a restricted building, and violent entry. His son and David Lesperance, a member of Cusick’s congregation, face similar charges.

Lesperance was arrested first after an anonymous tip was sent to the FBI. He acknowledged that he had been there but refused to give up Cusick, who had accompanied to D.C.

Investigators were able to identify the Cusicks anyway by searching through his phone and examining deleted photos.

” Just here doing what we’re told”

The FBI has been strongly encouraging Americans to inform on friends and family who may have been in D.C. that day. This approach has seemingly been a great success for the Bureau as many of the imprisoned Trump supporters have been turned in by family members.

Like the others who have been arrested, Cusick faces a harsh punishment from the government for his role in the events. According to his daughter this role was largely limited to a calm stroll around the Capitol building and polite interactions with police officers.

Photos do indeed show Cusick standing casually with his hands in his pockets  while speaking to Capitol Police officers.

Still, federal authorities continue to express great pride in the  tens of thousands of citizens who have proven to be willing to inform on their neighbors and relations and contribute to their arrests.

The agents who came for James Cusick told his daughter Staci that they were “not the bad guys, we’re just here doing what we’re told”

If the arresting agents did feel that any doubts about the morality of abducting a 73 year-old Vietnam veteran and pastor on a dubious charge, they certainly did not hesitate to follow their orders.

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