NBC Victimizes Ashli Babbitt’s Killer [DETAILS]

The mainstream media continues to publish an unrelenting stream of propaganda regarding the events of January 6. The latest is a sob story dedicated to the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed veteran who would be the only individual killed that day. That officer has now chosen to capitalize on the deed by lauding his own heroism and self-sacrifice in an interview with NBC which presents the officer s a martyr for democracy.

Praising his own “courage”

Michael Byrd told NBC that he “showed the utmost courage on January 6” and “fought for democracy” that day as he lamented his own fate.

These are grandiose terms for a man who shot an unarmed woman. There are no tears to be shed for Ashli Babbitt either at NBC or at the Byrd household.

In Babbitt the mainstream media has found the one unarmed protester who deserved to be shot for participating in an unruly demonstration.

Byrd indeed claims “I know that day I saved countless lives,”  presumably this is in reference to the baseless conspiracy theories which claim that what happened at the Capitol was in fact a coordinated attack.

In fact, the FBI has reportedly failed utterly in its desperate mission to prove that there was any sort of planning or organization behind January 6.

All evidence which has emerged confirms that what happened was nothing more than a disorganized political protest which spun out of control.


No sympathy for Ashli Babbitt

Even if Byrd did not know it at the time, Ashli Babbitt posed no physical threat to anyone in the Capitol building; even if she and other protesters had any intention to harm members of Congress they were not equipped to do so.

The Capitol Police have unsurprisingly exonerated themselves of any wrongdoing; for eight months they would not even provide a name for the officer who shot Babbitt.

Now Byrd can join the ranks of the other Capitol Police officers who have been very publicly lauding themselves as heroes who stopped an attempt to overthrow the government.

If anyone ever actually believed this then their illusions will be shattered by the FBI and its continued failure to turn up a single scrap of evidence which would vindicate Byrd and his colleagues.

Nothing in the NBC interview suggests that Byrd feels any hint of remorse for having shot an unarmed woman or feels any sympathy for her family.

Instead, Michael Byrd apparently cries himself to sleep lamenting the fact that the entire world is not unanimous in praising the great heroism and courage it takes to shoot an unarmed protester.

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